Call for projects for the Digitization of Pathological Anatomy and Cytology in the Normandy region

Call for projects for the Digitization of Pathological Anatomy and Cytology in the Normandy region
Call for projects for the Digitization of Pathological Anatomy and Cytology in the Normandy region


The anatomopathology activity consists of the analysis of the characteristics and anomalies of organ, tissue or cell samples (biopsies, surgical specimens or cytological samples), in order to establish a diagnosis of different pathologies such as cancers.
Glass slides containing a fine section of the sample are studied under a microscope by a pathologist. The main diagnostic fields of PCA are the diagnosis of cancer, inflammatory processes and rare diseases.

Different means are used, from macroscopic examination to in situ molecular biology: Cytopathology, Histopathology, Extemporaneous examination, Histochemistry, Histoenzymology, Immunohistochemistry and Immunofluorescence, In situ hybridization, FISH.

Objectives of the call for projects

This is one of the priorities of the ten-year strategy to combat cancer:

  • Action II.3.4 “Encourage innovation in diagnosis and medical therapies, particularly targeted, radiotherapy, surgery, imaging-based interventional techniques”.

This is one of the priorities of the ARS Normandy 2022-2025 roadmap: supporting health establishments participating in a project to digitize their anatomo-cytopathology activity.

LThe main objectives of digitalization are:

  • The development of research, particularly in oncology, based on digital data;
  • Improving the quality of care and the time taken to diagnose and support: a Source of acceleration of journeys from CPR and increased relevance of the care offered (with facilitated possibilities for a second opinion in the tele-interpretation framework);
  • An opportunity for development of efficiency gains and an evolution of professions (demographic decline of pathologists, loss of attractiveness of the profession).

Evaluation criteria

Find all the terms and conditions in the downloadable call for projects below

The projects will be evaluated by a selection committee within the ARS.
Applications concerning:

  • The purchase and maintenance of equipment (slide scanner, slide label printers, maintenance, etc.)
  • The deployment or acquisition of a digital system for the analysis of digitized slides and data storage (Image management system-SGI, laboratory management system interface, archiving, etc.)
  • The integration of this digitization project into the medical project of the structure and more broadly of the territory.

This subsidy does not concern the operating budget and as such, is not intended to finance human resources or training activities.
The support credits concerned come under the Health Modernization and Investment Fund
and will be the subject of a dedicated agreement by amendment to the multi-year contract of objectives and
resources (CPOM) of the establishment.
The Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (CDC) will pay to the establishment concerned, at its request and upon
presentation of documents justifying the expenses incurred, the sum corresponding to the amount of the
subsidy, under the conditions provided for in the amendment. A quadrennial forfeiture applies to
reimbursement requests for establishments. This prescription runs from the 1st
January of the year following the date of commitment of the credits by the ARS. The establishment which does not have
made the payment request to the CDC within this period then loses its drawing right.

The selection committee reserves the right to subsidize a percentage of the requested amount,
according to the financing plan proposed by the structures.

The selected establishments must not benefit from any other financial support from the
Modernization fund for health investment for their project.


Deadline for submitting the application file: July 16, 2024

Selection committee meeting date: August 2024

Notification of selection results: September 2024


Find all the terms and conditions on the downloadable call for projects below.



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