how do you know if your box is affected?

how do you know if your box is affected?
how do you know if your box is affected?

The National Medicines Health Agency (ANSM) indicated this Wednesday that pipettes of Doliprane for children are defective. The organization invites parents to check the products in their possession.

The National Medicines Health Agency (ANSM) published on Wednesday May 15 an alert message concerning Doliprane for children and infants. “We have been informed by the Opella Healthcare France laboratory of an absence of graduation, indicates the organization on its websiteon only around thirty pipettes which are used to collect the right dose of Doliprane 2.4%, oral suspension to give to infants and children.” The ANSM invites parents and pharmacists to check the boxes of Doliprane 2.4% in their possession.

France 3 Provence-Alpes explains how to do it.

Which Doliprane is targeted by the alert?

The medicine concerned is Doliprane 2.4%, a oral suspension for children and infants from birth to approximately 9 years old, from the Opella Healthcare France laboratory.
The defective products are contained in batches 3KLR12D1, 3KLR13D2, 3KLQ70DU, 3KLQ69DT, 3KLR14D3, 3KLQ71DV, 3KLQ72DW. These batches total more than 1.3 million boxes.

Why is this Doliprane a problem?

The alert launched by the ANSM concerns pipettes. Some of them are not graduated, which prevents the product from being dosed correctly.
Doliprane contains paracetamol. Taking paracetamol can cause liver problems. The dosage of Doliprane depends on the weight of the child and must be strictly respected.
“If you have a box of Doliprane 2.4%, oral suspension, check that the pipette is correctly graduated”advises the agency. If the graduation (lines and number indicating the weight) of the pipette is present, you can use it.

What to do if the pipette is not graduated?

If you notice the absence of marks, you can take the box to a pharmacy, it will be exchanged.
“The integrity and quality of the syrup contained in the bottle are intact”specifies the ANSM, which urges parents not to use a non-graduated pipette or the pipette of another as not to risk a dosage error”.
If you buy a box of Doliprane 2.4%, oral suspension, from one of these batches, the pharmacist will check the condition of the pipette in front of you when handing over the medicine.


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