the moving testimony of a woman suffering from stomach paralysis after taking Ozempic

His story has all the makings of a bad film. In the columns of Le Parisien, Monday May 13, 2024, Isabelle, 51, returned to her story as she has just been operated on for stomach paralysis, called gastroparesis. His nightmare began in 2018 after being in a motorcycle accident. During her hospitalization, doctors discovered that she was type 2 diabetic and she therefore had to take treatment to better regulate the sugar level in her blood. A few years later, in March 2023, she began a new treatment with Ozempic, which was injected directly into her stomach. After a few weeks, Isabelle explained to our colleagues that she felt terrible pain in her stomach and that she was losing almost two kilos per week. In addition to losing a lot of weight, she has to deal with daily pain that is almost unbearable. “My days are punctuated by violent abdominal pain and there is never a respite, I feel like someone is constantly eviscerating me. As soon as I have a drink, I vomit” , said the mother again.

Many doctors are studying his case. Some people talk about possible colon cancer, but the results of the analyzes say the opposite. Finally, it is at the beginning of 2024 that a diagnosis will be made to him by Professor Barret. The latter suspects that Isabelle suffers from gastroparesis. To be sure, she had to eat an omelette containing markers (…)

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