Throughout the world, vaping is believed to be as harmful as tobacco

Throughout the world, vaping is believed to be as harmful as tobacco
Throughout the world, vaping is believed to be as harmful as tobacco

A survey of 27,000 people shows that smokers continue to have little understanding of the advantages of vaping compared to smoking.

A large-scale investigation

A few days ago, the We Are Innovation organization, bringing together more than thirty think tank with opaque funding, published the results of a survey commissioned from the IPSOS institute. Carried out among 26,950 people in 28 countries, the aim of this study was to study the perception of the harmfulness of vaping compared to that of smoking. To do this, respondents had to answer two questions:

  • How often do you currently use any or all of the following products? (industrial cigarettes, rolled or tubed cigarettes, pipes, cigarillos or cigars).
  • Which of the following best describes your opinion on vaping compared to smoking tobacco products? (vaping is more harmful than smoking tobacco products, vaping and smoking tobacco products are equally harmful, vaping is less harmful than smoking tobacco tobacco).

For each of the countries in which the survey was conducted, 1,000 people answered these questions, except in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan where only 500 and 450 people were interviewed.

France is doing “well”

The results of this survey demonstrate that the general public continues to be very poorly informed about the risk reduction offered by electronic cigarettes compared to smoking. In total, 74% of respondents thought that vaping was at least as harmful as smoking, if not more.

Leading the country where the population seems the least well informed is Brazil, with 90% of respondents thinking that vaping is at least as harmful as smoking, followed by the Netherlands and Slovenia with 85 and 84% of responses respectively. similar.

In Belgium and Spain, 74% of respondents thought vaping was at least as harmful, while 79% in Australia, 63% in the United Kingdom and finally 61% in France.

The countries that fared best were Italy with 43% of respondents indicating that vaping is less harmful than smoking, followed by the Czech Republic with 42%, then France and the United Kingdom with 39 and 37 respectively. %. Figures which seem to demonstrate that fewer inhabitants of these countries are subject to misinformation about vaping, but which remain low given the quantity of scientific data which confirm this fact.

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