6 tips for gaining weight healthily!

6 tips for gaining weight healthily!
6 tips for gaining weight healthily!

To gain weight, you need to eat more calories than you burn! This means that you must consume more food but be careful, in a controlled manner, this is what Magalie Tatessian, our dietetics expert, explains to us.

To gain weight healthily, here are 6 tips from our dietitian Magalie Tatessian
– favor foods to drink or puree (consume as many calories as possible without overdoing it)
– accumulate small meals
-avoid drinking water before eating
-eat protein 1 to 2 times a day
-choose your bread with olives, seeds…
-avoid foods that require a lot of chewing such as white fish, raw vegetables, etc.

Magalie explains to you every Monday how to do good for our body through simple actions.
Discover “uninhibited dietetics”, a new way of eating while retaining the pleasures of everyday life.
She supports you in your well-being approach in Aix-La Duranne and by videoconference throughout France.

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