Chinese: what pollutants present in daycare centers impact the health of toddlers?

Chinese: what pollutants present in daycare centers impact the health of toddlers?
Chinese: what pollutants present in daycare centers impact the health of toddlers?

Endocrine disruptors and other environmental pollutants are very present in daycare centers. Their effects are not neutral on the development of children. The CPIE Touraine Val de Loire led

Environmental pollutants under the microscope
This year again, the CPIE Touraine-Val de Loire continues its work around endocrine disruptors and other environmental pollutants (allergens, carcinogens, etc.). For 3 years, it has been offering support to childcare facilities in order to reduce the sources of exposure of young children to these toxic molecules. It is in fact during the famous period of an individual’s first 1000 days that the stakes are highest. It runs from pregnancy to the child’s two years of age and is therefore particularly sensitive because it is decisive for the future health of each child.

What are endocrine disruptors and what do they do?
Endocrine disruptors (present in plastics, pesticides and certain medications in particular) are substances that disrupt the hormonal functioning of organisms and thus cause harmful effects on the health of living beings. They can interfere with all the major functions of the body: growth, reproduction, fetal development, behavior, nutrition, metabolism, nervous system… Recent studies show that endocrine disruptors can also have other effects, such as metabolic effects. , neurodevelopmental or immune. (Source Anses)

What pollutants are present in daycare centers?
In structures welcoming young children, these pollutants and endocrine disruptors are everywhere because plastic, for its practical side, easy to wash, is omnipresent, explains Agatha Wajrak, ecological transition project manager at CPIE Touraine Val de Loire. Furthermore, she explains to us, certain air fresheners and cleaning products used contain toxic molecules.

What to do ?
Very good ventilation of the rooms is essential to dissipate the toxic substances also present in paints, varnishes, glues contained in furniture (especially new), avoid any plastic containers (to warm baby bottles and dishes, prefer glass), choose eco-labeled cleaning products and avoid any detergent that displays toxicity pictograms, forget air fresheners, eat organic, local and seasonal in order to avoid pesticides in food. All of these recommendations can of course also apply at home!

The CPIE Touraine Val de Loire helps young parents and communities!
Workshops are offered to young parents to inform them and initiate a process of reducing exposure at home. Sessions for community agents and elected officials are planned as well as a regional webinar. Communities in fact have important levers of action through the management of schools and certain nurseries. Also, call on CPIE if you are on its territory.



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