Ploërmel. Who are these professionals from the multidisciplinary firm?

Ploërmel. Who are these professionals from the multidisciplinary firm?
Ploërmel. Who are these professionals from the multidisciplinary firm?

Ploërmel Community

Published on May 12, 2024

It is a house that stands out for its architecture and color on Boulevard Laennec in Ploërmel. The people of Ploermel remember that this wooden house in gray-blue tones once housed a medical office, but few people know that for several months it has been a multidisciplinary center housing 7 professionals practicing in fields different, sometimes complementary. These are innovative and very popular disciplines in the paramedical or wellness field.

Everyone felt the need to pool their skills in this house to facilitate access to the public. It is a juxtaposition of know-how without a common secretariat for example, but bridges exist between these expert professionals who share a desire, that of making themselves better known to the public.

Marion Bazire is an occupational therapist offers its services to enable people with disabilities to regain their autonomy in their environment. This involves motor, sensory, cognitive and rehabilitative rehabilitation. “It’s about allowing them to reintegrate into normal life…”

Julien Legros is a hypnotherapist and supports its clients to help them resolve situations disrupting their daily lives. Psychic discomfort, tough times, life choices, addictions… the hypnotherapist’s field of intervention is vast. Hypnosis is a specialty which tends to take its place in therapeutic monitoring by being better and better accepted. “It’s not about putting people to sleep but putting them in a different state that allows them to delve deep within themselves. Everyone can access it freely, but I make sure that medical monitoring exists; » underlines Julien Legros

Isabelle Caffray is a magnetizer-energetician and strives to put the energy axes and chakras of its clients in the right order. An exercise that she practices both in the office and remotely, by telephone. Stress, depression, tendinitis, sleep disorders, burns, inflammations… Here too its areas of intervention are very broad. “Every case is different and my goal is to make people feel better. I attach a lot of importance to the fact that before coming to see me, people have consulted a doctor…” she explains.

Céline Husson is a naturopath and practices natural medicine, a diploma course recognized by a national federation. Fatigue, sleep problems, joint pain, diabetes… “I carry out a complete assessment of the person in front of me. It involves establishing a complete assessment of his physical and emotional state in order to find the root causes of the symptoms he is experiencing,” she describes. Here again, this is a little-known discipline that potential patients discover either through a doctor or word of mouth.

Manuella Hamery is a sophrologist. She receives her clients at the office but also works in companies and associations with young people in integration. She specializes in the treatment of sleep disorders, a field that fascinates her and which can be said to be one of the evils of the century. She works on both theory and practice through breathing exercises, body movements, letting go, with the aim of making her patients independent in managing their sleep.

Juliette Mollero and Isabelle Souteyrand are liberal specialist educators. They created Accordons-nous, a structure which offers tailor-made educational support for children, adolescents and adults with disabilities or with specific needs, people with intellectual disabilities, psychological disorders, spectrum disorders. autism, attention deficit disorder (AD/HD) and learning disorders. “We are convinced that support must follow the rhythm and projects of each person as closely as possible to lead them towards greater autonomy in their daily lives. We offer services at home but also outside in partner locations or in places frequented by the child or adult such as nurseries, schools, leisure activities, medico-social establishments, workplace, etc….” , they indicate

Contact : multidisciplinary firm, 29 boulevard Laennec, Ploërmel. [email protected]



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