A day dedicated to women’s health in a Cowansville clinic

A day dedicated to women’s health in a Cowansville clinic
A day dedicated to women’s health in a Cowansville clinic

A clinic in Cowansville opened its doors specifically to receive around a hundred women without a family doctor. They had access to a consultation where they were able to receive certain preventive care such as breast and cervical cancer screenings.

This special event, which coincides with Mother’s Day weekend, brought joy to many patients in the region. This is the case of Mylène Charette who had not had the opportunity to do such screening tests for 6 or 7 years, since she is an orphan patient.

I am happy that there is a day planned for prevention, it is something that I have denounced for a long time.

A quote from Mylène Charette, orphan patient

The professionals at GMF-U La Pommeraie are aware of the challenges of access to a doctor. This is why they chose to set up such a day where they receive almost exclusively female patients, most of them orphans.

We know there is a lack of access. The ideal would be for everyone to be registered with a clinic at least to have resources.

A quote from Dr. Anne-Patricia Prévost, family doctor

We will be able to do screenings with them for cervical cancer screening, for sexually transmitted diseases, to talk about contraception or even prescribe hormone therapy. Sometimes too, we can even do a little health check-up describes Dr. Anne-Patricia Prévost.


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More than 73,000 people are waiting to have a family doctor in Estrie.

Photo: Radio-Canada

Faced with this crying need, all the appointment slots found takers for this third women’s health day since 2022 at the GMF La Pommeraie.

We feel gratitude from the users, because there are many who did not have a family doctor and therefore had some concern for their health, explains administrative agent Lise Proteau.

It’s super symbolic to be able to have a day like that here and to be able to make an appointment without having any embarrassment either.

A quote from Abigaëlle Parent, patient

This day for women is also a great learning opportunity for future doctors. To have this day so that we can practice our pap test techniques, it’s really really relevant believes medical resident Chloé Laferrière-Trudeau.

This event is also an opportunity for organizations to offer their support. This is particularly the case with the Horizon pour elle house, which helps women victims of violence.

Faced with such success, Dr. Prévost assures that other women’s health days are to come at the GMF.

With information from Pierrick Pichette



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