Ozempic responsible for a baby boom? | JDM

Ozempic responsible for a baby boom? | JDM
Ozempic responsible for a baby boom? | JDM

More and more American women are sharing their stories of pregnancy that occurred after taking the drug Ozempic.

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The phenomenon has grown to such an extent that some are talking about “Ozempic babies” and even a baby boom caused by the drug that would help women experiencing fertility problems to get pregnant.

“Overweight and significant obesity can be problems for fertility. At that point, by losing weight, we find a certain fertility, whatever the method,” explained Dr. Rémi Rabasa-Lhoret, endocrinologist at the Montreal Clinical Research Institute, in an interview with LCN.

The latter nevertheless emphasizes that certain concerns accompany this phenomenon, in particular due to the lack of data on the effects of Ozempic on fetuses.

The expert nevertheless mentions certain worrying data in the animals that were tested.

“Normally, you should not take Ozempic during pregnancy, but if you were ever taking it and became pregnant without realizing it, it is widely recommended that you immediately stop the medication,” says Dr. Rabasa -Lhoret.

“There is some animal data which shows that it could hinder the development of the fetus,” he adds.

The endocrinologist indicates that other drugs similar to Ozempic may limit the effectiveness of oral contraceptives. He therefore advocates vigilance and caution when taking such medications.

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