Around sixty hospitalizations in one month due to the flu • TNTV Tahiti Nui Télévision

In medical practices, doctors have noticed an influx of patients in recent weeks. “ We have a resurgence of a viral syndrome with fever, severe bouts of fatigue, aches and fairly severe headaches which are putting patients quite flat. », testifies David Prevost, general practitioner in Papeete.

The fault lies with a new significant wave » flu which has been affecting Polynesia for several weeks. “ Most of these are type A flu, H1N1. But there are sometimes small variations which mean that even if we caught it the previous year, we can get it again.explains Doctor Henri-Pierre Mallet, the head of the Health Monitoring Office.

According to him, “ there have been around sixty hospitalizations in the last 4 weeks, only at the Taaone hospital “. And ” 5 to 6 deaths » are to be deplored during this period. “ The flu is not trivial », underlines Doctor Mallet. “ Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment (…) Fragile people must consult early so that they can be taken care of quickly. For healthy people, treatment is more basic. You must hydrate well and take Paracetamol », adds this one.

A few cases of dengue fever are also listed, which “ complicates things a little », the symptoms of the two diseases are sometimes similar. “ But with the flu, you cough. Which is not the case with dengue », notes Henri-Pierre Mallet.

In medical practices, doctors have noticed an influx of patients in recent weeks. (Credit: TNTV)

We have 1 to 2 flu epidemics per year. It’s something constant. One is more linked to the virus which comes from the Northern hemisphere, after winter (…) and the other, to the southern winter, which comes from the South, in July and August. There, it’s a bit atypical, because we’re a bit between the two “, he emphasizes.

However, the current health situation is not “ unusual “. “ We already know the level we have in major waves (…), but we must remain vigilant “. And this, while the Olympic Games are fast approaching and, with them, the arrival of various delegations from the 4 corners of the globe.

We anticipated the fact that we could have epidemics during the Games. We can hope that the flu epidemic will have slowed down by then, because, generally, it only lasts a few weeks. For dengue, unfortunately, we fear that it will spread, even if for the moment, it is relatively calm », Specifies the head of the Health Monitoring Office.

To prevent the flu epidemic from proliferating, the authorities recommend the application of barrier gestures. “ Sick people must absolutely isolate themselves as we did for Covid. If you ever have to come into contact with others, you must wear a mask and wash your hands frequently,” concludes Doctor Mallet. The most vulnerable people can also be vaccinated to protect themselves from the virus.



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