Mél’s literary column: your bookish meeting place!

Mél’s literary column: your bookish meeting place!
Mél’s literary column: your bookish meeting place!

Mélanie invites you to read with works from different genres.

If most magazines start talking about diet and summer body, Mél offers you a book to reconcile you with your body and your diet.

TITLE : From head to plate – Chronicles and advice from a liberated eater
AUTHOR : Jeremy Gorskie
PUBLISHER: First Editions
GENDER : Dietetics – Health – Well-being
287 pages
RELEASE DATE : May 12, 2022

Summary : “I suffered from obesity and eating disorders when I was younger. I wrote this book as I would have liked to find it at that time: benevolent, without injunction, human. » Jeremy
Have you ever looked in the mirror, judging your body harshly? How much time have you spent struggling, hiding, missing moments of joy? How many diets have you already undertaken, without real long-term results? Weight problems can affect everyone but, fortunately, it is possible to overcome them!
In this book, Jérémy Gorskie, dietician and former emotional eater, accompanies you on the road to change. […]
Say goodbye to untenable restrictions and begin your journey to freedom.

Notice : You don’t need to suffer from Eating Disorders (EATD) or be overweight to fully benefit from the benefits of this book. I even think that we should all read it to live peacefully with our body, our mind and our diet.
The author does not go out of his way to dismantle clichés about diet, sport, physical and mental health. Moreover, he demonstrates, with supporting evidence, that diets make you gain weight. So how to lose weight?

You already need to know why you are taking it. Jérémy Gorskie explains to us how our body works, its metabolism, the pathologies that interfere with weight. He talks about foods, their composition, their benefits and harms. He reminds us that mental health plays a major role and that sport is not torture to achieve the famous summer body. This friendly little encyclopedia is very affordable. Each part contains chapters composed of popularized medical and scientific data, concrete examples, autobiographical passages and simple exercises to implement. The tone is fair, often funny, sometimes rebellious but always sincere.

Jérémy Gorskie is a dietitian nutritionist specializing in eating behavior. His second book “It wasn’t just a story about weight: Diary of an (almost) liberated eater” was published in early 2024. The work is available on the Internet and in bookstores. Jérémy Gorskie is the creator of the Instagram account @menthe_banane.

Passionate about reading and writing since childhood, Mélanie Bonnot shares her literary columns on social networks. You can find them, as well as those of his colleagues Jessie and Angelina, on the “Our Literary Délires” page.



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