To drink, in capsules, in powder: collagen is on the rise

To drink, in capsules, in powder: collagen is on the rise
To drink, in capsules, in powder: collagen is on the rise

We also talk about the egg craze: each French person would have consumed 224 eggs in the year 2023! And then we meet a cactus breeder… in Normandy!

Collagen madness

This is one of the new cosmetic trends that is emerging: taking collagen. To drink, in capsules, in powder: it is found in all forms. But what exactly are we talking about when we talk about collagen? Valentine Petryjournalist expert in cosmetics and author of the book “Make up: makeup laid bare” by Editions Les Pérégrines explains to us: “It is a very important protein in our body. It constitutes a lot of tissue in our body: skin, hair, bones and cartilage. It is a protein that is made up of helices. And when they are woven very tightly, they make tough organisms. Looser is more elastic. So it’s interesting from a cosmetic point of view.”

For the moment, the scientific community seems cautious about its use: “Scientific studies on the subject are essentially for medicinal purposes, but at the cosmetic level, it still remains light, we don’t have the big study that could tell us the dosage of the product. It is believed that there is an effect on the skin, wrinkles, hydration of the skin. So the effect exists, but we don’t yet know at what level or if it will have the same effect on everyone.”

We explain everything to you with Willy Rovelli and the tribe in our podcast.

Egg madness

97% of French people eat eggs, they have even become a trendy dish again: “In 2023, every French person will have consumed 224 eggs per year. We are still far from the Mexicans who are the world champions in egg consumption with 320″ explains Yves-Marie Beaudet, President of the National Committee for the Promotion of Eggs.

What code for what type of breeding? What future for poultry farms? Why is the egg the perfect anti-crisis food? We explain everything to you in our podcast!

Today’s date

What if we got to know Jessy Charetiers? He is a cactus producer… in Normandy, in Eure!

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