How to vary your children’s snacks?

How to vary your children’s snacks?
How to vary your children’s snacks?

Preparing varied and balanced snacks is undoubtedly one of the daily headaches for parents. Find out how to introduce variety and creativity during this friendly and essential time for your children.

The importance of a varied snack

Snack time is essential in a child’s diet because it provides him with the energy necessary to finish the day. It’s an opportunity to stock up on nutrients, but also pleasure. Varying foods prevents weariness and allows you to cover a broader spectrum of nutritional needs.

The place of drinks in the snack

Hydrating your children is also essential and this can be an opportunity to introduce a drink full of benefits, like cranberry juice. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, this juice helps reduce urinary infections and strengthen the immune system. Mixed with sparkling water, it becomes a festive drink for the taste buds.

Gourmet and nutritional options

Vary the pleasures by choosing foods that are pleasant and good for your health. Fresh fruit, compotes without added sugar, dried fruit, but also yogurt or small pieces of cheese can make a nutritious snack.

Homemade snacks

Why not get your hands dirty and make delicious homemade snacks with your children? Banana cookies, sugar-free cereal bars, or even vegetable muffins can become healthy and appetizing prepared snacks.

The balance between sweet and salty

Some children may prefer a savory alternative. Guacamole toasts, vegetable sticks with yogurt sauce or small portions of vegetable quiche are good suggestions to get away from the classic sweet snack.

Say yes to creativity

Use cookie cutters to transform sandwiches or fruit into fun, attention-grabbing shapes. Presenting food in an attractive and original way stimulates children’s desire to taste and appetite.

Plan your snacks

Planning snacks in advance is a tip that will save you last-minute stress. Consider including different types of snacks in your weekly menus which, by including a touch of cranberry juice for example, will introduce your children to new flavors while remaining healthy.

Children’s participation

Involve your children in choosing and preparing snacks. By letting them decide on certain items, they will be even more excited to taste them.

Pay attention to portions

Keep in mind that snack time is not a main meal. So make sure the portions remain reasonable so as not to affect your appetite at dinner.

Experimenting, creating, and above all sharing moments of complicity with your children around the preparation of their snack is an enriching process both on a nutritional and emotional level. By integrating healthy alternatives such as cranberry juice and homemade preparations, you educate your children about eating habits that are diversified and beneficial for their health.



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