“Looksmaxxing”: what are the risks of this new beauty trend?

“Looksmaxxing”: what are the risks of this new beauty trend?
“Looksmaxxing”: what are the risks of this new beauty trend?

“Looksmaxxing” is a trend that involves maximizing one’s appearance, for example by encouraging men to make their jawline squarer. But its effects on physical and mental health are multiple.

Arnold Gerster

Written on 05/05/2024

Ready to do anything for a more manly jawline! —
The Health Mag – France 5

Biceps, abs, pectorals… And jaw. Loan regularly trains to sculpt her body, down to the smallest details. Thanks to his chewing gums, the jaw muscles no longer hold any secrets for him. Loan is a fan of “Looksmaxxing”, this phenomenon which is spreading on social networks and which encourages young men to “maximise” their appearance.

A squarer and “more manly” jaw

“What I am trying to strengthen is the main muscle, the masseter” he confides. “By chewing with significant resistance, we will tend to also stimulate the buccinator muscles which are in the cheeks and which will allow us to have this hollow cheek appearance. I had a very round, very chubby jaw. I had very significant results after only 90 days” he rejoices.

A squarer jaw, hollower and well-redefined cheeks, I find it more aesthetic and it looks sufficiently virile because it is connected with the aspect of good male health.explains Loan, who has now become an influencer “glow up fitness”.

On his site, the young man promotes this virility embodied by the square jaw. He sells his chewing gum there, with miraculous results. “If you have a complex, at least you have a solution that is easy to use and gives great results”he continues.

A risk of joint disorder

He shares this beauty recipe, also on social networks. A guaranteed success with millions of views. THE “Looksmaxxing”, or how to maximize your appearance, is causing a sensation among young men.

But for this dentist, you shouldn’t do anything with your masseter muscles. “The masseter is the main muscle for chewing and oral function. The masseters are not made to chew such hard gums”, warns Dr Ruben Wahnich, dental surgeon.

“It’s like eating too much chewing gum, you can have the same joint disorders like crunching, clicking when you open your mouth wide or even difficulty having a wide mouth opening,” he continues.

Dental migrations, occlusion…

Another popular technique is mewing. Here, the tongue is placed against the palate to reduce the double chin.

“The negative effects are the same as for chewing gum. We can also have small tooth migrations, because of this repetitive movement. We can have dental occlusion problems because of this with teeth that are not going well. ‘involve and therefore disorders at the level of the joint which will result’
worries Dr Ruben Wahnich.

And to have a square jaw, some influencers will do anything. Like breaking your jaw bones, with increasingly dangerous objects.

“The tyranny of the Instagram face”

This is a trend that worries Doctor Vannina Micheli-Rechtman, psychiatrist. According to her, looksmaxxing is a dangerous new beauty diktat.

“This is what I call the tyranny of the Instagram face. It can provoke in certain slightly fragile subjects the idea that their face, their body, is not at all conforming. We even talk about dysmorphophobia, the fact of not really accepting your body as it is and therefore having the intention of modifying it, even surgically. There is a 40% increase in cosmetic surgery among young people aged 18 to 35so it is a public health problem”deplores this psychiatrist.

However, the phenomenon continues to gain more and more followers on social networks.



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