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This week, Aldi hit hard with a new product that you will like. It is an ideal mosquito net to fight against insects.

To prevent the entry of mosquitoes this summer, Aldi has put a brand new model of mosquito net on sale. This is an anti-pollen product for less than 3 euros!

Solutions against mosquitoes

Spring marks the great return of insects. Cockroaches, ants, bedbugs, Asian hornets… They are back. The same goes for mosquitoes which arrive en masse in our homes.

Eh yes ! These critters are there to annoy us during our daily days. But also during barbecue evenings and outdoor picnics. They are very often attracted to human activities.

Yes but there you go! It is better to be wary of them because they can carry disease. For example, they can transmit viruses to humans. Like chikungunya which comes from Africa, Asia and the Indian subcontinent.

There is also dengue fever which has been frightening Paris town hall lately. Because as the Olympic Games approach, dengue fever is making a comeback in France. Health authorities are calling for vigilance.

Because since January 1, 2024 until April 19, more than 1,679 cases of dengue fever have been imported into mainland France. Compared to 131 cases over the same period in 2023. A figure multiplied by 13! Please note that 82% of these cases are imported from the French West Indies.

Generally speaking, mosquito bites are painful. They cause itching and redness for days. Some even cause allergies to these spots. Because they can also triple in volume.

So it is necessary to protect yourself properly. There are also products of all kinds at Aldi that you can get to fight mosquitoes.

There are also perfumes against flying insects. Aldi also sells citronella candles and insecticides to get rid of these unwanted people.

A mosquito net with anti-pollen filter at Aldi

Aldi is selling a new product that allows you to create a natural barrier against mosquitoes. These are not insecticides. Because these are not good for your pets…

The discount firm preferred to sell a mosquito net with an anti-pollen filter. It is a 2 x 1 solution which also protects you from other insects such as cockroaches, flies and black flies for example.

Aldi hit very hard with this quality model, which promises to prove itself. Its size is 130 by 150 cm. It is therefore a fairly large model which is therefore available in different models.

For example, there are different colors like white or gray. The brand offers a great pack of three anti-pollen filters. Rest assured, this mosquito net is very easy to install.

You don’t need to drill holes in the wall to fix it. Because Aldi delivers it with a 5.6 centimeter long adhesive tape. Eh yes ! The low-cost store has thought of everything.

But where Aldi hits very hard, it is with its price which defies all competition. Imagine that the pack of 2 mosquito nets with pollen filter from Aldi has a price reduction compared to last year.

In May 2023, this mosquito net cost 3.99 euros. A price that was already reasonable. But imagine that it is still decreasing. In fact, this specific model has a 25% reduction. You can therefore find it for 2.99 euros in stores.


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