My health space: discover the new calendar now to find all your important health appointments

My health space: discover the new calendar now to find all your important health appointments
My health space: discover the new calendar now to find all your important health appointments

Good news ! My health space has a new functionality. You can now access a diary allowing you to easily find all the important appointments for monitoring your health and that of your family ! More details in this article.

What is my health space? What’s the point ?

Accessible since January 2022, My health space is an online health record allowing you to manage your health monitoring.

You can find in this secure digital space:

  • Your shared medical record (DMP): this is a digital health record that allows you to store your health data online. There you can find documents sent directly by healthcare professionals (test results, hospitalization reports, etc.) or added by yourself;
  • Your medical profile, which you can complete to describe your situation: current treatments, medical history, etc.;
  • Personalized messaging that allows you to communicate with healthcare professionals. Of course, medical confidentiality is respected here.

You can also, via this platform, send your prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice so that your medications can be prepared ahead of your visit.

Also note that My health space has a whole catalog of twelve websites and applications certified by the State, which should allow you to be better guided in the choice of digital tools that you use to monitor your health.

My health space has a new feature: the health calendar

My health space continues to grow and now offers a health diary ! With this new feature, you can now:

  • Track the history of your medical appointments, to better organize yourself and not forget to schedule the next ones;
  • And receive, if necessary, an alert to remind you of key dates linked to an organized screening program, vaccination, etc. Enough to limit the risks of forgetting!

Today, the exams and appointments available are:

  • The 20 compulsory examinations for the child (from 0 to 16 years old);
  • M’T oral dental exams for children, adolescents and young adults (every 3 years from 3 to 24 years old);
  • Annual oral exam recommended for adults;
  • Glaucoma screening (from age 45);
  • Prevention assessments at key ages of life (18, 45, 60, 70 years);
  • Mandatory and recommended vaccinations.

Please note that new examinations and prevention appointments, such as organized cancer screenings, will be added to this list very soon.

Also, of course, you can personally add the various appointments made with health professionals in your My health space calendar.

Health Insurance can also send you personalized prevention messages, directly in your health area.

You haven’t yet created your health space and would like to do so? Activate it from your personal space, on Conversely, are you against it? Please note that it is also possible to object to your health space, by following this same link and clicking on “object to My health space”. So, free to go!



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