Do you like chocolate ? Here’s what time you should eat it instead

Do you like chocolate ? Here’s what time you should eat it instead
Do you like chocolate ? Here’s what time you should eat it instead

If you like the chocolate but you don’t want to abuse it too much, you may have a specific time of day where you eat it. Some people love to eat a small piece of chocolate in the evening after a meal, while others opt for a piece of chocolate with their morning coffee. But what is the best option?

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Nathalie Negrodietitian, answered the question for Top Health. In fact, it explains what is the most appropriate time to to eat chocolatedepending on blood sugar and fat storage.

When should you eat chocolate?

There dietician explains that in reality, for her, there is no real ideal moment to eat chocolate. On the other hand, she advises sticking to just one moment and choosing it carefully. In this way, she believes that we are less tempted to eat too much. “If you enjoy eating chocolate in the evening and tend to overdo it a little, then avoid having a square at lunchtime as well,” she advises. There quantity Ideal amount of chocolate to eat per day would be between 20 and 30 grams, no more!

On the other hand, she still explains that chocolate is not particularly recommended on Morningespecially if it contains sugar. “In people who tend to be hungry in the morning, we advise against things that are too sweet in the morning. Because, during this time of the day, blood sugar is much more reactive.” She still adds that there is no problem eating a small quantity of dark chocolate in the morning.

Also, she has advice for people who suffer from diabetes : “We recommend eating chocolate at the end of the meal, if it is a sweet chocolate, to limit the increase in blood sugar that it causes.” On the other hand, if it is dark chocolate, you can eat it even outside of meals.

If you want to eat chocolate as a snack, you should avoid accompanying it with a fruit. For what ? Because “chocolate is already a fatty and sweet product, so it is better not to add the sugar of fruit”.

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About the type of chocolate to be preferred, the expert advises not to worry. “It’s a pleasure food, so you might as well choose the one you prefer.” She also explains that the difference is not very significant in terms of calorie intake. “If we eat dark chocolate, it will be slightly sweet but more fatty, white chocolate will be much less fatty but significantly sweeter. And milk chocolate is somewhere in between.” On the other hand, she emphasizes that dark chocolate is still the most interesting nutritionallybecause it has a higher cocoa content and therefore more benefits.



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