After the drama, Kendji Girac is secretly preparing his return with a new album!

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Kendji Girac will have to regain the public’s trust. I needed to heal myself, to think about what had happened to understand how I could have gotten to this point and, above all, to make the right decisions for the future. I also wanted to let justice do its job. ” the gypsy singer recently confided in a video on Instagram, two months after having nearly died following a gunshot wound caused by a marital dispute involving drugs and alcohol. If today, the case is closed without further action, the artist wants to focus on his health… and his return to music. ” I’m feeling better and (…) I regret what happened ” he explained on camera, assuring that he was ” entered into a spiral ” and now want ” to make things even more beautiful, even bigger ».

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“An album that will be by far his most sincere”

Aware of the second chance that life is giving him, Kendji Girac is therefore taking himself in hand, and this is what a long portrait tells in Paris Match. In a series of photos taken on the Côte d’Azur, the singer, recently seen in a restaurant in Antibes, is in the middle of boxing training to get back in shape and prepare for his comeback, stronger than ever. Without further ado, he headed to the Côte d’Azur with his family, to a friend’s house. For the singer, there was only one goal: to record this album, which would be by far his most sincere, and he already praised the depth of the lyrics, eagerly awaited by Universal, his record company. ” explains the magazine, while detailing the working sessions: ” Every day in his home studio, Kendji and his team refine the next songs, looking for THE hit that will get everyone to agree. “And if the performer submits to an intense, daily 90-minute sports program, it is ” with a view to tackling TV sets, radio shows and a huge tour ».

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Kendji Girac’s first single since this highly publicized affair could be released in September according to Paris Match. The first stone of a return to grace, opening a new era for the singer who has ” furiously wanting to return to what he does best: singing, again and again “. His latest album “L’école de la vie” was released in November 2022. Sold in 150,000 copies, it notably included the single “Eva”, dedicated to his daughter and written by Juliette Armanet, and the hit “Le feu” in duet with Vianney.



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