Prince William: This meaningful accessory he wears while his wife and father fight cancer

Prince William: This meaningful accessory he wears while his wife and father fight cancer
Prince William: This meaningful accessory he wears while his wife and father fight cancer

Prince William is closely affected by the disease, to say the least. Physically fit and healthy, the Prince of Wales is nevertheless experiencing a sad period. In the space of just a few weeks, his father and his wife announced that they had cancer. An unwavering supporter of Charles III and Kate Middleton, the Duke of Cambridge is inevitably concerned about the health of his family. But also by his own health.

A meaningful accessory that he never parts with shows this well. Present at the quarter-final of the Euro football championship between England and Switzerland, Prince William appeared with a trendy gadget. On his wrist? A WHOOP fitness tracker The high-tech brand, launched in 2015, has gained massive popularity among professional athletes. But also among amateurs.

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The prince fell for a luxury device

With this tracker, it is possible to follow crucial measures such as sleep, effort and recovery. This accessory, which is “the most advanced portable device on the market”stands out from many other fitness trackers because it requires a membership to use it. To afford this luxurious gadget, you’ll need to be prepared to spend at least £229 a year. And within the Crown, this kind of technology is very popular.

Like his brother, Prince Harry was spotted wearing a black Oura ring during his tour of Australia in 2018 with his Meghan Markle. This discreet gadget, which monitors sleep and activity phases, quickly sold out after being worn by the Duke of Sussex. Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, was spotted with an Apple Watch on her wrist. Camilla Parker Bowles, for her part, was a fan of the Fitbit before becoming Queen of England.

“William and Kate seemed like a different couple”

Prince William’s new fashion shows, once again, how important the topic of health has become to him. Moreover, the Prince of Wales has changed his habits since his loved ones have been fighting cancer. He has notably
Kate Middleton gets close in public
which was not really his habit. On June 15, for his wife’s public return to Trooping the Colour, he didn’t let her out of his sight.

According to specialists, “William and Kate seemed like a different couple”. “They used to be more reserved. But now they can’t help but look at each other and smile.”a source told Us Weekly. Tired of her treatment and anxious about making her return, the Princess of Wales was once again supported by her husband. “He stayed by her side and reassured her, she added. William was grateful to have Kate by his side, and it meant a lot to Charles III too.”



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