At the Francofolies, Judith Godrèche still swings

At the Francofolies, Judith Godrèche still swings
At the Francofolies, Judith Godrèche still swings

The actress was the highly anticipated guest of the afternoon’s musical conversations. She joked about the presence on the bill of Patrick Bruel, who was the subject of investigations, closed without follow-up, for indecent exposure and sexual assault.

Judith Godrèche at the Folles Rencontres des Francofolies, July 10, 2024.

Judith Godrèche at the Folles rencontres des Francofolies, July 10, 2024. Photo Caroline Jollin

By Léa Bucci

Published on July 11, 2024 at 10:33 a.m.

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Fwave area at the Francofolies in La Rochelle? Judith Godrèche dared. She was invited, on Wednesday, to comment on five significant songs in her life as part of the musical conversations, “J’ai la mémoire qui chante”. Her presence was expected. By a young woman barely of age, swooning: “Judiiith! I want to see her in real life!” By the middle-aged faces, mostly women, filling the courtyard of the Dor school to the brim. The actress-director is perhaps not quite theIcon of French Cinema of her series (2023) of autofiction. But in the face of sexist and sexual violence, she is seen as a heroine.

So there is no question of being frivolous, even when talking about music. She immediately mentions her relationship with the director Benoît Jacquot, against whom she has filed a complaint: “My taste for Anglo-Saxon music was born from my strange youth. I lived with someone older than me who only listened to that. French songs were part of the moments when I became a normal young girl again.”

On the small stage, the duo Faux Amis – the group of her son Noé Boon (born from her union with Dany Boon) but which she is reluctant to present as such – performs And mom and, by France Gall. Judith Godrèche articulates the words in silence. At the first question from journalist Éric Fottorino, her eyes fill with tears. Her fight has guided her choices. God Is in the House, by Nick Cave: she is not a believer but “believes in the power of words”. Masterpiece, by Big Thief: she listened to it on repeat while writing her Cesar speech, and before going on stage that evening. Shadow of Another Lifefrom False Friends, the soundtrack of Me toohis short film inspired by #MeToo – carried by his daughter, Tess Barthélémy, sitting in the assembly.

When hearing of a surprise, Judith Godrèche says ironically: “It’s not Patrick Bruel, I hope!” The singer is scheduled to perform this Thursday. A local branch of the feminist collective #NousToutes has requested his cancellation due to the investigations opened against him – and closed without further action – for indecent exposure and sexual assault. No response. The actress, for her part, drives the point home. Adds, about the song A happy man, de William Sheller : « He says, “If it’s not worth my time to come back, you have to tell me”: the man asks the person for consent. There’s a guest artist here who doesn’t do that.”

Judith Godrèche no longer minces her words. For others, she says, and especially for the future of her children. Shortly after her speech, the latter two attended Eddy de Pretto’s concert on the main stage, singing the lyrics of Perfectly : “I don’t want a life of wax/I prefer to take all the marks/Of a life that no one dictates to me.”



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