You will be able to see Sébastien Delorme and Jeff Boudreault traveling together in this show

You will be able to see Sébastien Delorme and Jeff Boudreault traveling together in this show
You will be able to see Sébastien Delorme and Jeff Boudreault traveling together in this show

Travel differently with friends follows Quebec personalities as they visit a country and take part in the most popular tourist activities. The show also aims to promote innovative responsible tourism initiatives around the world. For example, actors Sébastien Delorme and Jeff Boudreault have the chance to explore a paradise in Costa Rica.

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The program includes breathtaking landscapes, delicious food, a zip line, a horseback ride, a visit to a volcano and several great encounters. Indeed, if each show allows the audience to dream of their next travel destination, it also offers an incursion into the private lives of the Costa Ricans who cross paths with the tandem. It is also an opportunity for viewers to learn more about the friendship between the two actors, who do not hesitate to tell anecdotes and shared memories.

A ranch like no other

“I was already in the south of Costa Rica about twenty years ago. It was wonderful. You’re going to love it so much!” Jeff enthusiastically tells his friend at the start of the trip. The actors begin their adventure at La Anita Rainforest Ranch, an eco-friendly haven hidden in the heart of the mountains. They first drop off their luggage in pretty windowless wooden cabins where they will spend their nights.

In addition to horse breeding, the company specializes in cocoa production. The entire estate has been designed to minimize the impact of its activities on the environment. The owner proudly explains that he built the bed bases in the guest rooms using tree trunks that fell during a hurricane. He also does not use chemicals and collects rainwater to wash clothes and cook.

Meeting the ants

Located in Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama, Costa Rica is home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity. Tourists often take advantage of this opportunity to make trips to the tropical forests to observe different species. The critters that particularly caught Sébastien’s attention when he arrived at the ranch were the thousands of ants.

After a good lunch of organic papayas and pineapples sprinkled with cocoa bean nibs, the two friends try to understand why these insects are so numerous. They meet two microbiologists who reveal secrets of the world of ants. They also inform them that they represent a threat to farmers: they can devour a cocoa tree in a single night! “We are working on finding solutions to prevent this, but in an environmentally friendly way,” explains one of them. The day continues with a walk in the forest during which Jeff and Sébastien taste edible plants and observe different animals, each more flamboyant than the last.

Water heated by a volcano

Then it’s time to swim in a body of water fed by an impressive waterfall over 18 meters high. Thanks to the Rincòn de la Vieja volcano, the water is warm — and orange, because it contains sulfur.

To complete this relaxing break, the actors receive an outdoor massage. But Jeff is feeling prankster and the sweet moment is interrupted when he replaces the massage therapist to try some unpleasant massage techniques on his friend! The show continues with other activities, including a thrilling zip line course that offers breathtaking views of the forest.

No doubt, you will want to visit Costa Rica after this episode of Partir autrement entre amis full of exotic discoveries and human experiences!




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