This inappropriate behavior of Harry’s wife offends William and Kate, “The modern version of Diana”

This inappropriate behavior of Harry’s wife offends William and Kate, “The modern version of Diana”
This inappropriate behavior of Harry’s wife offends William and Kate, “The modern version of Diana”

Each of their public appearances is scrutinized by the world’s media. During their last visit to
Nigeria In May 2024, Meghan Markle and Harry were no exception to this rule. This time, it was the American actress who stood out during this trip to sub-Saharan Africa. Showing off with different outfits As elegant as they are chic, Meghan Markle caused a sensation with her many looks.

Some keen observers have even been able to draw a parallel between the outfits worn by Prince Harry’s wife and those of the late Lady DianaIt was in 1990 that the latter visited Nigerian lands in the company of the current King of England, Charles III, six years before their divorce.
A comparison viewed with a bad eye across the Atlantic, on the side of Prince William and Kate Middleton, as reported by Closer in an article published on his website.

Kate and William offended by the behavior of Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle

According to a source close to the royal family: “William does not want to deprive Harry of his right to celebrate heritage of their mother. What bothers him is the way Meghan presents herself as the modern version of Diana, he finds that beyond the tasteless and offensive, not only to him but also to Kate“Due to ongoing tensions within the royal family, communication between the two brothers appears to be cut off.

As a result, William is not informed of the trips or even
projects of Harry especially with regard to that of “celebrating Diana’s life and legacy“. The source close to the royal family indicates: “The fact that the tension with the Sussexes is now impacting on the celebration of their mother’s heritage is out of reach for William, but it’s not like he can really talk about it with Charles and Camilla because there’s obviously a history there with Diana being estranged from the royal family. So he feels
rather alone on this file

Meghan Markle compared to Lady Diana

According to the Prince of Wales,
to draw a parallel
any relationship between his mother, Lady Diana, and another member of the royal family, whether Meghan Markle or Kate Middleton, is inconceivable. Indeed, the latter has always refused this kind of comparison as the princess occupies a very special place in his heart.As for William, his mother was unique in his kind, he does not compare Kate to her, that would be
ridicule. And he thinks it’s just as ridiculous that Meghan is being compared to her.
.”, underlines the same source.

Lady Diana, before being the princess of hearts in the eyes of the whole world, was above all that of her eldest son, the Prince of Wales who devoted unconditional love to her.She will always be on a pedestal In William’s eyes, it’s no wonder he bristles at the idea of ​​Meghan being portrayed as a modern-day Diana.“, the source said.

Meghan Markle and Harry spark anger among British royals

While the Sussexes spent three days in Nigeria following an invitation The trip, which was launched to Prince Harry by the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, General Christopher Musa, as part of the promotion of the Invictus Games, has likely caused some teeth to grind on the part of the clan
. And the comparison with Lady Diana is not the only misstep to have caused
the anger of the royal family

crédit photo : Shutterstock
Harry and Meghan Markle were received with great fanfare in Nigeria during their trip last May.

British anthem, visit to a school, meetings with military officials and ministers… this visit, originally
non official, finally took on the appearance of an official visit, with a grand welcome even though the couple has not held any official functions within the royal family since their exile to the United States in 2020. Enough to put King Charles III and Prince William in a rage.



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