C8 commits to Arcom to broadcast Cyril Hanouna’s show with a delay

A delay so that it doesn’t go (as much) live anymore. The C8 channel committed on Tuesday to Arcom, the audiovisual policeman, to impose a delay of 15 to 45 minutes on Cyril Hanouna’s show “Touche pas à mon poste”. This is to avoid excesses already sanctioned on multiple occasions. If its precise duration remains to be determined, this delay should make it possible to more effectively supervise the channel’s flagship program, which has continued to hit the headlines in recent months. In 2024 alone, Arcom intervened (warning, formal notice or fine) four times with TNT channel 8.

“All the different shortcomings are in this show,” acknowledged Gérald-Brice Viret, CEO of Canal+ France, the parent company of C8. He specifies that the principle of the delay was decided “in agreement with Cyril Hanouna.”

Don’t touch my post, but a little bit anyway

Maxime Saada, the chairman of the Canal+ group, a subsidiary of Vivendi and by extension owned by billionaire Vincent Bolloré, complied with the request of the former CSA “with regret”: “Cyril Hanouna is the only one who can do so much live broadcasting in a day. The others are not capable of it. (…) He is a strength,” he said.

“This live broadcast helped make C8 the leading DTT channel. So I’m not going to give you targets or stuff and then tell you: in the Gard, for people aged between 47 and 50, we’re number one. No. C8 is indeed the leading DTT channel today. It brings together more than 9 million cumulative viewers every day,” explained Maxime Saada, distinguishing DTT from “terrestrial channels” like TF1.

This agreement was reached as part of discussions between Arcom and audiovisual executives on the occasion of the renewal of 15 digital terrestrial television (DTT) frequencies, including that of C8.



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