This outing with George, Charlotte and Louis which should upset fans of the royal family – Closer

This outing with George, Charlotte and Louis which should upset fans of the royal family – Closer
This outing with George, Charlotte and Louis which should upset fans of the royal family – Closer

On Father’s Day, Prince William appeared surrounded by his three children. A photo taken by Kate Middleton and published on social networks. In the comments, the British did not hesitate to send magnificent messages to this united family. And apparently, this wouldn’t be the only photo that will upset fans of the royal family.

According to information from Timesthe Prince of Wales is reportedly considering accompanying his three children on an official engagement. George, Charlotte and Louis are expected to accompany him on a visit to a homeless shelter. “In a modern and progressive society, everyone should have a safe and secure roof over their head, be treated with dignity and have the support they deserve,” he had declared.

Photo credit: Bestimage
London, UNITED KINGDOM – The British royal family gathered on the
Buckingham Palace balcony to watch the flypast during the Trooping
the Colour 2024 ceremony, celebrating the monarch’s official
birthday in London. Pictured: Prince George (Le prince George de
Galles), Prince William (Le prince William, prince de Galles),
Prince Louis (Le prince Louis de Galles), Princess Catherine
(Catherine (Kate) Middleton, princesse de Galles), Princess
Charlotte (La princesse Charlotte de Galles)

Prince William wants to pass on important values ​​to his children

It is therefore very important for Prince William to pass on these important values ​​to his children. Moreover, Kate Middleton’s husband had confided in him about how fatherhood had changed him.

“It was never in my nature to be worried. But now […] I think as a father you’re much more affected by what’s going on in the world and everything. Just because you realise how precious life is and it puts everything into perspective. The idea of ​​not being there to see your children grow up, things like that…

Kate Middleton, a very involved mother

And even though the couple’s three children are privileged,
Prince William and Kate Middleton are also aware that their toddlers are more at an age to have fun than to rule. “In my earliest memories, I remember my mother and father taking us to visit associations so that we would become aware of what was around us,” he also said/

“It’s very important to go out and see what’s happening in the real world.” Especially when you consider that only Prince George will become king. “From what I hear, the Prince and Princess of Wales want Charlotte, aged seven, to grow up in the hope that she will get a job. She will not be a full-time royal.”



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