Beside himself, the murderous tackle of Gérard Darmon (77 years old) to Franck Dubosc: “He was…

Beside himself, the murderous tackle of Gérard Darmon (77 years old) to Franck Dubosc: “He was…
Beside himself, the murderous tackle of Gérard Darmon (77 years old) to Franck Dubosc: “He was…

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By Elsa Girard-Basset | Web journalist

If the big family of cinema, as we like to call it, generally presents itself in a united light, tensions and clashes are not rare. This was for example the case between Franck Dubosc and Gérard Darmon, who will probably not go on vacation together in view of the resentment of the latter towards the former…

Ego is obviously a major component of showbiz, and it happens that some misunderstandings end in sparks. Originally, however, nothing seemed to predispose Gérard Darmon and Franck Dubosc to settle their scores through the media, since the two men had for example filmed together in “Bienvenue à bord”, a popular hit comedy.

The problem, and not the least, began in 2018 when Dubosc turned director, in addition to his acting cap, for the film “Tout le monde debout”. For this occasion, he asked Darmon to shoot a scene, which he then had to delete in the editing. And that, the main person concerned did not really support.

Gérard Darmon still very resentful towards Franck Dubosc

On the set of the show “Les terriens du samedi”, the director had nevertheless tried to put out the fire by justifying his decision:

He was unhappy and we’re all unhappy when we’re cut. But, I didn’t cut that scene because I’m the boss. We’ve all been cut, we’ve all had a lot of scenes cut.

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As a token of his good faith, Dubosc was able to count on the support of Alexandra Lamy, who also appeared in the film and who confirmed that there had been many cuts, and not just for Darmon:

Besides, it hurts everyone, even the director. Sometimes these are scenes that we love, but for the balance of the film we have to remove them.

Unfortunately for the friendship that previously existed between the two men, nothing has changed. Gérard Darmon has absolutely not digested the episode, so much so that he has not missed an opportunity to criticize Dubosc since. The actor had thus given himself over to the good times when the interpreter of Patrick Chirac in “Camping” had turned his jacket on the yellow vests. The remarks were then lapidary on the part of Alain Chabat’s friend:

I am one of the privileged, I am not going to repeat the speech of the other buffoon who was once for the Yellow Vests and then against, you know who I am referring to? He must have woken up… Anyway, it doesn’t matter, I am not going to comment, it is up to him and everyone has their own way of defining themselves.

Who is right and who is wrong? It is difficult to say given the elements known to the public. What is certain, however, is that Gérard Darmon and Franck Dubosc are clearly no longer on good terms, and that they are not ready to act in a joint project again. Such is life…



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