Jordan Bardella (28 years old) without taboos about his surprising addiction, “I always take…

Jordan Bardella (28 years old) without taboos about his surprising addiction, “I always take…
Jordan Bardella (28 years old) without taboos about his surprising addiction, “I always take…

By Léa Ouzan

– Published on 06 Jul 2024 at 12:30

Jordan Bardella has a huge following on the social network TikTok. In a video, he revealed the addiction he can’t live without…

Victorious in the European elections, The National Rally came out on top of the first round of the legislative elections. Jordan Bardella could obtain an absolute majority in the National Assembly. As a French political figure, he joined the National Front (now the National Rally) at the age of 16. He quickly became an active member of the party. In 2018, he was elected regional councilor of Île-de-France. In 2019, Jordan Bardella was head of the National Rally list in the European elections, which allowed him to be elected MEP. He also became vice-president of the National Rally in 2021, under the presidency of Marine Le Pen.

Jordan Bardella is very popular on TikTok

The 28-year-old politician is considered a talented and dynamic spokesperson for the National Rally. He is often tasked to represent the party in the media. He defends nationalist and sovereignist positions, advocating in particular national preference and the fight against immigration. Due to his young age and his rapid rise within the party, Jordan Bardella is often presented as one of the faces of the new generation of the RN.

Like young people of his age, he is also a star on the social network TikTok. With 1.3 million subscribers, he is the third most followed French political figure on this social network. Jordan Bardella comes just behind Emmanuel Macron, the current President of the Republic and Jean-Luc Mélenchon. He even managed to overtake Marine Le Pen who does not have as many subscribers.

Party leader loves candy

In a video shared on May 8, Jordan Bardella revealed his surprising addiction. Indeed, the leader of the National Rally is addicted to sugar, and more specifically to sweets, which he cannot do without. “Before the broadcasts, I always take candy or sugar, it keeps me from being hungry, and afterwards I’m galvanized for two hours. For some it has the opposite effect, there are some who don’t take sugar before, because they have I don’t know what there, and afterwards you come down. I stay high for a very long time with sweets”, said Jordan Bardella.

A funny and widely viewed video on the web

This video was a great success. In fact, it was viewed more than 3.6 million timesand has been liked 270,000 times. In another sequence, still “off”, we can see him in a dressing room before a television show. While someone offers him tea or coffee, he simply says that he prefers “candy and water” are enough for him. He then starts eating a packet of sweets, adding to the camera that he “didn’t have his snack.” A rather funny sequence that amused Internet users.

Now, Jordan Bardella manages to seduce 18-24 year olds thanks to his strong presence on social networks. As our colleagues at RTL pointed out, the president of the RN is now able to convince young graduates. But also people from upper-class families…



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