Moms & Famous’ Eloise Appelle Announces Good News About Her Cancer Treatment

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On Thursday, July 4, on Instagram, Eloïse Appelle gave an update on her cancer treatment with a big smile.

For several months now, Eloïse Appelle has been fighting relentlessly against cancer. At each new stage of treatment, the young mother has gotten into the habit of turning to her Instagram followers, who, since the announcement of her illness, have given her unwavering support. On June 26, the influencer went to the hospital to undergo yet another chemotherapy session.I’m happy because we’re getting to the last chemos. It’s going well. […] Right now we’re programming the operations so it’s pretty cool. […] Everything is moving forward: hair is growing, operations are being scheduled and the end of chemo is approaching.” she rejoiced. Before taking the blow and paying the price for the side effects of the treatment a few hours later: “Tonight I’m enjoying a little… After my chemotherapy today, the fatigue, aches and invisible pains are back.

Eloise Calls (Moms & Famous), over the moon, the end of his cancer treatment is approaching!

Back at the hospital on July 4, Eloïse Appelle shared some happy news with her followers on Instagram.Today is my penultimate [séance] of chemo. I’m so happy! After this one, I’ll only have one left. I’m really so happy because I can finally see the end of the chemo protocol“, she said. Before taking stock of the last few months: “When I think back to the early chemo sessions, which were really hard, and I see that today I’m reaching the end… I’m really happy!“But Eloïse still has a little way to go. Indeed, once the chemotherapy protocol is finished, Valentina’s mother will have to undergo an operation.

Eloise Calls (Moms & Famous) praises the merits of a new practice: “It was amazing!

After announcing the good news to her fans, Eloïse told them about a practice she recently discovered: kinesiology. Not very enthusiastic at first, Nacca’s partner finally changed her mind once the session was over.I swear, it was incredible!” she said. Before continuing: “I was amazed at what my body was ‘saying’ and what the therapist was transcribing to me. Honestly, it was crazy! […] I wanted to share this with people who have trauma or other things to heal and who want to move forward.

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