“Selfies are hot”, fans still there after the tragedy

Two and a half months after that terrible night of April 21, Kendji Girac’s fans are still worried about the singer’s physical and mental health. This Thursday, July 4, 2024, 24 hours after her birthday, the artist went to a restaurant in the city of Antibes to the delight of her fans.

For a little over a week, singer Kendji Girac has resurfaced nearly two and a half months after the accident that nearly cost him his life. Although he had already spoken out at the beginning of May to publicly apologize and answer the many questions raised after his terrible act, on June 26, the man who accidentally shot himself in the torso following an argument with his wife, Soraya, admitted to regretting the incident. Facts proven by the police investigation and the conclusions of the investigation which confirmed that the singer was indeed the originator of the shot, having accidentally injured himself.

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« Since my message of May 10, I have not given you any news, because I had to take care of myself and think about what happened to understand how I got to this point. And above all, make the right decisions for the future. ” he said in his message. Today, the singer is doing better and it’s good to see! After two and a half months of absence, the winner of the third season of The Voice seems to want to find his fans and his public life again by leaving behind his demons and addictions (alcohol and drugs). He was spotted in a restaurant on the Côte d’Azur.

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Kendji Girac in shape, but slimming down in Antibes

This Wednesday, July 3, Kendji Girac celebrated his 28th birthday, a special anniversary since the singer nearly died less than two and a half months ago. The day after this important day, the singer of Gypsy Colorwas spotted in a restaurant in the town of Antibes between Nice and Cannes: Chez Mo-Albert 1er. An establishment specializing in seafood and fishmongers, well-known to the region’s inhabitants since it has been in operation since 1989.

The French singing star agreed to pose with her fans in the restaurant, photos then posted on the restaurant’s Instagram account accompanied by the caption: “Kendji is back!!! -


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