“She is white”, her statue does not have unanimous support

Will a new controversy swell for the Grévin museum? The brand new wax statue of Beyoncé is causing a reaction because of her skin color which is too white.

They did it again. The Grevin Museum is once again pinned for his wax statue representing an international star. As with that of actor Dwayne Johnson, which had sparked controversy, the skin color of a singer has surprised fans. Of Polynesian origin, one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood had obtained the modification of the Parisian creation in his image, so that it better corresponded to his complexion.

In France, comedian Kev Adams also found his statue to be quite unlike him. We hope that the next French personality to receive this honor (we know his name, following a blunder by a sculptor) will be satisfied with the result. But for the new event on Thursday, July 4, 2024, this is unlikely. Because “Queen B” is making her entrance, and for many, Beyoncé looks “white” !

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Beyoncé enters the Grévin Museum

More than just a singer, Beyoncé is a true music icon. To honor her, the Grévin Museum has arranged what pictures. And it was the sculptor Claus Velte who developed his statue. The latter required no less than six months of work from the museum’s creative workshops team.

However, its inauguration, which takes place on July 4, American Independence Day, has not provoked the expected reactions. On social networks, the photos of the statue are far from unanimous. English-speaking Internet users commented on X (formerly Twitter): “Baby, they revealed a white woman”, “It’s Shakira”, “Who is this white woman?”, “She’s whiter than Taylor Swift”, “Who is it ?”…

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Reactions to this too “white” wax statue

On the web, we have seen posts also coming from French speakers, who point out the flagrant problem linked to the skin color of this new statue of Beyoncé: “The recurring problem of respecting the original skin color of celebrities in statues still remains blatant”, “There’s no point in bleaching them to this point. If Bey can sometimes give the impression of having a lighter complexion, it’s because of the lighting of her stage and her makeup. But here it’s clearly (if I dare say) too much, once again…”, “I’m shocked by the Grevin museum lately. They’ve always made very realistic statues and now they’re starting to do anything, the statue of Beyoncé looks like anything but Beyoncé”…

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The Grévin Museum responded to a post by Vanity Fair much commented: “It looks like you didn’t get the right photo.”, posting a darker snapshot of his new addition. A debate has been launched. It remains to be seen whether the star will imitate Dwayne Johnson and ask for a change to his statue.

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