“It shocks a lot of people but…”

“It shocks a lot of people but…”
“It shocks a lot of people but…”

Podcast Guest Beep from Shera, Ines Reg took part in the question and answer game. The actress notably returned to her divorce with Kevin Debonne, still very fresh. The couple had in fact announced in January their
separation after six years of living together. This interview was an opportunity for her to reveal the exact reasons which pushed the two lovebirds to take separate paths.

Separatedyes, but never far away! Despite their divorce, the two comedians continue to work together on different projects. Viewers of the Amazon Prime Video platform can also find the duo
in the police comedy The Infallibles since June 20. A complicity which bursts the screen, but which was not enough to save the couple in real life.

What is the reason for the divorce between Inès Reg and Kevin Debonne?

Inès Reg is very comfortable talking about this event, which is nevertheless a difficult period to live through for members of a couple. On the contrary, the actress affirms: “I got divorced and I know it shocks a lot of people, but
I’m super comfortable with that. I don’t take it as a failure at all, I am happy

Like many others, they were faced with a
certain routine after a few years of relationship. “We toured for three years, he was my opening act, we were together 24/7and suddenly, we were friends, colleagues, lovers, we were together all the time and everything »explains the former candidate of Dance with the starswho had created controversy with Natasha St-Pier.

Photo credit: TF1 After six years of relationship, Inès Reg and Kevin Debonne divorced without tearing each other apart.

Inès Reg was no longer in love with her partner: “We are friends…”

A common daily life that ended up making flicker the flame of love in favor of another with a more friendly warmth. “He was my crazy friend and sometimes even my colleague. So, it was getting complicated. I didn’t want us to continue. As I love him madly and that he was my best friendI was like, “Look at us, actually. We’re buddies, we are no longer lovers. We got lost on some things and that’s okay.”she confides.

The divorce came about as naturally as their relationship began. In fact, there was no hatred, no insults, no broken dishes… The couple had chosen the peaceful sea air to discuss the end of their love story. “We got divorced facing the sea, (…) we had a real discussion facing the ocean. So in reality, it works”declared Inès Reg during a video interview with our colleagues at Gala.

Despite their divorce, the two actors remain on good terms: “You and I have…”

Kevin Debonnepresent during the interview, had also commented on their separation, indicating that a
good communication was the key: “Actually, communication is super important in a relationship. And if you don’t have it, at least have it in your divorce. And then you will be friends ».

crédit photo : Shutterstock Inès Reg’s feelings have changed. She now considers Kevin Debonne as a friend.

The thirty-year-old had also had pretty words for his partner when he announced their divorce on his social networks. “You and I have given a new definition to the word divorce. It’s loving each other without wanting to hurt each other. »he had written. Against all expectations, the two former lovers thus prove that
male-female friendship is very real.



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