Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine visit Greenland with their parents

Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine visit Greenland with their parents
Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine visit Greenland with their parents

This Sunday, June 30, King Frederik X and Queen Mary of Denmark spent the second day of their stay in Greenland. To everyone’s surprise, their two youngest children suddenly appeared at their side. Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine discovered the Qeqertarsuaq whale research station.

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King Frederik X and Queen Mary spend second day visiting Qeqertarsuaq Island

King Frederik X and Queen Mary of Denmark are currently on their first trip to Greenland since Queen Margrethe abdicated in January 2024. This is the first time that Frederik and Mary have set foot in their Arctic territory as sovereigns. Greenland is a large archipelago in North America, consisting of a large main island. Greenland is one of the three constituent countries of the Kingdom of Denmark, along with the Faroe Islands and Denmark proper. Although Greenland has relative autonomy, its own parliament and government, the King of Denmark is its head of state.

King Frederik X, Prince Vincent, Princess Josephine and Queen Mary on the second day of the royal couple’s first trip to Greenland since Queen Margrethe’s abdication (Photo: Kongehuset)

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Frederik and Mary began their week-long visit this Saturday, June 29, in Qaanaaq, the town located at the northern end of the territory. Until July 6, they gradually returned along the west coast, traveling aboard the royal ship Dannebrog. During the last days, they will arrive in Nuuk, capital of Greenland, located in the southwest.

The town of Qeqertarsuaq is located on Greenland’s largest island and is part of the municipality of Qeqertalik (Image: Royal Stories)

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Prince Vincent Minik and Princess Josephine Ivalo surprise by accompanying their parents to Greenland

This June 30, 2024, King Frederik X, 56, and Queen Mary, 52, surprised their Greenlanders when they arrived in Qeqertarsuaq. Two of their four children accompanied them. Prince Vincent and his twin, Princess Josephine, took part in a boat trip to inaugurate a new whale sonar.

Prince Vincent and his twin, Princess Josephine, made a surprise appearance this Sunday, June 30 alongside their parents (Photo: Kongehuset)

Vincent and Josephine also have a little something Greenlandic in them because they are the only children of the royal couple to have a third Greenlandic first name. Prince Vincent’s first name is Minik and Princess Josephine is also called Ivalo.

The royal family in Qeqertarsuaq, during a visit focused on the census of whales and marine mammals (Photo: Kongehuset)

The town of Qeqertarsuaq, which has more than 850 inhabitants, occupies the largest island in Greenland. It is also home to the Arctic Station research station, which is managed by the University of Copenhagen. The new station provides insight into the presence of marine mammals in Disko Bay using its sonar system.

King Frederik pilots the sonar-equipped ship (Photo: Kongehuset)
Queen Mary watches during this expedition (Photo: Kongehuset)
The Danish royal couple and their twins at the Arctic Station (Photo: Kongehuset)

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Discoveries, meetings and sport in Qeqertarsuaq

After the boat trip, King Frederik, Queen Mary and their 13-year-old twins were officially welcomed at the Qeqertarsuaq harbour by Mayor Ane Hansen and members of the city council. Local residents had planned activities and singing and dancing demonstrations to welcome the sovereigns, around the football field. A reception was also held at the city hall, where the royal couple were treated to lunch by local authorities.

King Frederik and Queen Mary arrive at the town of Qeqertarsuaq (Photo: Kongehuset)
Welcome of King Frederick X by the mayor and authorities of Qeqertarsuaq (Photo: Kongehuset)
Queen Mary is welcomed in Qeqertarsuaq (Photo: Kongehuset)

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In the afternoon, King Frederik and Queen Mary attended a briefing on the Inoqatikka Project, which is training for civil servants who work with children in the municipality. Then, the royal couple and their twins returned to downtown Qeqertarsuaq to start a race.

Activities and festivities were planned for the arrival of the sovereigns (Photo: Kongehuset)
In the late afternoon, the Danish sovereigns launched a family race in which Vincent and Josephine participated (Photo: Kongehuset)

Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, accustomed to participating every year in the Royal Run organized by their father, decided to take part in this 1.6 kilometer foot race. The race is an event aimed at families on the island.

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