Princess Charlotte, great support for Kate Middleton in the face of cancer

Princess Charlotte, great support for Kate Middleton in the face of cancer
Princess Charlotte, great support for Kate Middleton in the face of cancer

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Princess Charlotte during the Trooping The Color fashion show, June 15, 2024.
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Are mother and daughter more close than ever? If they have always been close, Princess Charlotte would be particularly “protective” towards Kate Middleton since the announcement of her cancer last March.

While everyone was waiting for the return of Kate Middleton during the Trooping The Color parade, many noticed the beautiful bond between the Princess of Wales and her three children. But on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, all eyes were on his closeness to his only daughter, Princess Charlotte. Hands in hair, caresses on the back, discussions, laughter and knowing looks… These rare signs of affection, proof of a close-knit relationship, have not gone unnoticed.

And according to the magazine Hello , Princess Charlotte would take particular care of her mother since the announcement of her cancer diagnosis last March. According to Ingrid Seward, author of a book on the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and King Charles III, the 9-year-old girl would be very “protective” towards the Princess of Wales.

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“I think Charlotte really takes care of her mother. The way she stood in front of her and the way they continued to talk was particularly sweet. She seems to be very admiring of her mother, which is also a beautiful thing,” she said.

“Kate and Charlotte are great friends”

Beyond being the almost perfect copy of her mother, Charlotte of Cambridge shares much more than her physique with the Princess of Wales. “Kate and Charlotte are great friends and I think for Kate, their bond is very precious,” added the author. A bond that is reminiscent of the one that Kate Middleton maintains with her own mother, Carole Middleton.

The two women have always been very close, and even more so since the announcement of Kate Middleton’s illness. According to a source, his mother was “the driving force that kept the family together with a minimum of agitation and a maximum of modesty” in these complicated times for the Prince and Princess of Wales.



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