Miss France 2025: who is Temanava Domingo, elected Miss Tahiti at 22?

Miss France 2025: who is Temanava Domingo, elected Miss Tahiti at 22?
Miss France 2025: who is Temanava Domingo, elected Miss Tahiti at 22?

The marathon for Miss France 2025 has just started! Friday June 21, 2024, Tahiti elected its beauty queen. Who is Temanava Domingo? We make the presentations.

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Who will succeed Eve Gilles, Miss France 2024? Six months after the crowning of Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais 2023, the regional elections resume, this time to elect those who will try to win the title of Miss France 2025. Among them, Temanava Domingo, who has just received the Miss Tahiti scarf.

Temanava Domingo (Miss Tahiti 2024), already has great experience in modeling

The day after her coronation, the young woman gave an interview to the channel Polynesia the 1st. “Looking back at these images, the emotion is there. I don’t have the exact words yet. What I am sure of is that I felt a lot of gratitude because I did not arrive on this first step of the podium alone” she said on set.

At 22, this graduate in applied foreign languages ​​is already a seasoned model: five years ago, Temanava was a winner of Tahiti Fashion Week and left her island to join the trendy neighborhoods of Milan, while continuing her studies. “I was 15 years old, I was a young girl who did not yet take responsibility for herself […] I was a winner and I didn’t expect it to go this far. I arrived in Milan but the deal with my parents was to continue my studies. I have no regrets, because these studies allowed me to find what really makes me tick in life.”

Temanava Domingo, a very connected Miss who masters social networks

The young woman, who also defines herself as a professional life coach and entrepreneur, lives with the times. She is therefore a fan of social networks, like Instagram: on his pagethere are many photos of her collaborations as a model.

Parading on the Miss France stage, smiling for the cameras and representing her island should therefore be a formality for the young woman, already well experienced in the exercise.

A young woman very proud of her island

Temanava Domingo is from Puna’auia, not far from Papeete. The young woman is particularly proud of her roots and her island. “If there’s one thing that makes me feel good, it’s when I take the time to walk and relax at home. Once when I came back from rehearsal I was just waiting for that, so I went for a walk and found a little corner to sit down. I took the time to become aware of what was happening around me. The young people fishing, the sound of the wind in the coconut trees or the agitation of the waves and yet this moment was so peaceful, wrote the young woman on Instagrama few hours before her coronation as Miss Tahiti. It’s these moments that allow me to recharge, I could stay for hours without doing anything and enjoy. Take the time…that’s what my island inspires me.



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