his daughter Giulia, a lookalike of Nicolas Sarkozy, reveals herself in a hilarious video

his daughter Giulia, a lookalike of Nicolas Sarkozy, reveals herself in a hilarious video
his daughter Giulia, a lookalike of Nicolas Sarkozy, reveals herself in a hilarious video

Nicolas Sarkozy is best known for his political career and his legal affairs. But his private life has never been spared from the media. Shortly before the end of his mandate President of the Republicthe politician also had his fourth and last child, Giulia Sarkozywhose mother is none other than Carla Bruni.

For a long time, the young girl stayed away from the cameras and the media, despite her parents’ fame. However, this period of discretion appears to be over. For some time, Carla Bruni has sometimes published photos and videos to show the singing talents of the girltaking care not to reveal his face.

Giulia Sarkozy, the daughter of Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni, reveals herself in a recent video

From now on, Giulia Sarkozy manages her own account Instagram. On social networks, the 12-year-old girl shows her few subscribers her passion: horse riding. The daughter of the former President of the Republic has just participated in a competition. The famous show jumping competition Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping indeed held to the Bagatelle Games Fieldlast week.

Passionate about horse riding, Giulia Sarkozy could not not go to this competition. For the occasion, the daughter of Carla Bruni et Nicolas Sarkozy wanted to share some photos and videos of his performances on Instagram. For her, this competition was clearly truly impressive and intimidating.

Carla Bruni’s daughter is Nicolas Sarkozy’s double

“Basically, I’m 1.50 meters tall and the obstacles are bigger than me”, noted Giulia Sarkozy in a video. Given its size, the obstacles seem immense to him. The latter are in fact high from 1.40 m to 1.45 m. This situation obviously did not prevent her from enjoying herself during this prestigious competition of jumps.

With these photos and videos, fans and the public were also able to appreciate the resemblance between Nicolas Sarkozy and Giulia Sarkozy. The young girl indeed seems to have inherited many physical traits from his father. When it comes to passions, however, she was strongly influenced by Carla Bruni.

crédit photo : Shutterstock Carla Bruni

Like Carla Bruni, Giulia Sarkozy really likes music and singing

Giulia Sarkozy is a horse riding enthusiast. But the young girl also has another center of interest which brings her closer to her mother. Like Carla Bruni, Nicolas Sarkozy’s daughter practices music and singing. On her Instagram account, the former first lady of France has already posted photos of Giulia Sarkozy singing.

crédit photo : Shutterstock The couple Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy

Will the daughter of Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy follow traces of his mother in the song ? For the moment, Giulia Sarkozy nevertheless seems more invested in her passion for horse riding. She has already won a contract to represent a brand dedicated to horses, Equestrian Art.



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