“It seemed cliché to me”: Georges Beller touching on his wife Michèle Kern, 19 years his junior

“It seemed cliché to me”: Georges Beller touching on his wife Michèle Kern, 19 years his junior
“It seemed cliché to me”: Georges Beller touching on his wife Michèle Kern, 19 years his junior

He’s madly in love! Following the death of his wife, Florence, Georges Beller fell in love with Michèle Kern, whom he married in 2006. Monday June 10, 2024, on the set of the show Chez Jordan, on C8, it was seeing a photo of his wife that the ex-TV star dropped is displayed on the screen: She is very beautiful, I am very lucky! What’s wonderful is that we met on stage 22-23 years ago.”.

While it took him a while to allow himself to fall in love again, Georges Beller explained: “I didn’t want… It seemed cliché to me to fall in love with a girl who played with me, a blonde, much younger than me… She is 19 years younger than me. For a year I said no, while we kissed on the mouth on stage every night! But for a year, nothing!”. If Michèle Kern took the first step, their story took a long time to begin. “It took a year, a year and a half for me to invite him to dinner and then we never left each other!”he clarified.

Georges Beller: “Michèle asked me and I said I was too old”

Already the father of two daughters, the former presenter of Surprise sur prize did not want to have a child with his new wife. “Michèle asked me and I said I was too old. I must have been 53-54…
Because the kid is 20, you are 73 when you leave school, all that… And then I have two daughters! After what we had experienced, I thought it would have been too much to bring another kid. But we are very happy like this!”
he estimated.

Monday August 10, 2015, in the columns of France Dimanche, it was in full promotion of the play Enfer et contre tout, in which he played opposite his wife, that Georges Beller declared:
“We completely forget that we are husband and wife. I enjoy giving him a comic role. It is rare to see pretty women in such a register. Being a couple can be an asset on stage. That said, I’ve seen actors not speak during the day and be perfect in the evening. I won’t tell you who!”.

Georges Beller: “The age difference scared me”

Asked about their meeting, Michèle Kern confided during this interview: “I was born in Nice and I was a model before becoming an actress. I took classes at the conservatory and I even had a role in The Girls Next Door, in the 90s!”.

Finally, Georges Beller added about their beginnings: “In 2001, we played together My wife is crazy at the Théâtre des Nouveautés. Michèle played a secretary in love with her boss… me. We ultimately really fell in love, even if the age difference scared me. We got married in 2006, in Las Vegas.



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