Jodie Foster shares how her mother shaped her career as a child

Jodie Foster might not have the career we know her to have if her mother hadn’t put her two cents in. On the one hand, because it was she who, in fact, pushed her daughter in front of the camera when she was still a child, and on the other hand because she did everything to direct her towards the auteur cinema as soon as possible.

This is how, after a series of small roles on television, Jodie Foster got, at the age of 12, to play in Alice is no longer hereMartin Scorsese’s 1974 film. Two years later, she starred in Taxi Driver and was nominated for an Oscar for her performance opposite Robert De Niro.

“She had ideas for me, and maybe she was living through the thrill of being a respected actress,” the star explained. Silence of the Lambs at Deadline.

A life by proxy

“She wanted me to have a long-lasting career, to be taken seriously, which was not the case for her, because she came from a pre-feminist era,” Jodie Foster continued of her mother, Evelyn Ella, known as Brandy. “She wanted me to be able to do the things she hadn’t been able to do, and I really took advantage of that. »

In parallel with her daughter’s career, Evelyn Ella also managed that of Buddy, the eldest of the siblings, whose career, however, never took off.



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