Estelle Denis without filter on Aya Nakamura at the 2024 Olympics: “I would have…

Estelle Denis without filter on Aya Nakamura at the 2024 Olympics: “I would have…
Estelle Denis without filter on Aya Nakamura at the 2024 Olympics: “I would have…

By Laurent Fourvière

– Published on June 22, 2024 at 08:30

Since the announcement of Aya Nakamura’s participation in the 2024 Olympic ceremonies, many people have not failed to speak. This is the case for Estelle Denis who has a strong opinion on the subject.

The possible participation of Aya Nakamura in the opening ceremony of the 2024 Olympic Games is still causing so much noise on the web. Indeed, President Emmanuel Macron announced that the singer had “perfectly at home at an opening or closing ceremony”. Then, Brigitte Macron’s companion specified that he would like the artistic director’s choices to reflect “France in its diversity, in its influence, all its arts and its excellence”. However, the choice of Emmanuel Macron was far from unanimous. Several people did not hide their dissatisfaction. To the point where Aya Nakamura found herself in a whirlwind of racist remarks. Fortunately, she was able to count on the support of many personalities.

Gims defends Aya Nakamura

The President of the Republic’s announcement created a huge controversy. However, the interpreter of Djadja, was able to count on many personalities. Among the people who gave their support to Aya Nakamura, we find Gims. Indeed, in the columns of Ciné Télé Revue, the rapper did not fail to give his opinion on this affair. For Gims, Aya Nakamura is the ideal person for the Olympic ceremony. “I put myself in his place, because I also had to face controversies during my career. She shouldn’t pay attention to it. She clearly has her place. In fact, I don’t see who else could do it. It’s the strongest”, he confided.

Support is growing

Other artists also came to Aya Nakamura’s defense. This is the case of K. Maro. The star of the 2000s deplored the racism that the singer suffered after the announcement of her participation in the Olympic ceremony. “I am 1000% behind her, and she has my full support. It’s backwards in my opinion to think like that. I don’t even want to get into the racism part, because it’s almost a little easy”, he confided. Then he added: “So these arguments to me are simply backwards, young people also have their own expressions or their own language, and we’ve all done it, it’s happened in every era.” However, all this support hasn’t stopped disgruntled people from speaking out.

Estelle Denis cash on the singer’s participation in the Olympics

A few weeks ago on the set of her show Estelle Midi, Estelle Denis clearly expressed her opposition to Aya Nakamura’s participation in the Olympic ceremonies. “Me, I would have put Patrick Bruel, I would have put a monster of French song. Michel Sardou, he sang Barbara, he can sing Piaf! I would also have put Véronique Sanson, there you go, a singer!”, she confided. However, even if Daniel Riolo made her understand that the names mentioned did not represent the France of 2024, the host did not change her views. “We could also put Charles Trenet or Maurice Chevalier so while we’re at it! You have to understand the symbolism: on the one hand she is a singer known throughout the world, who was a star in the 1950s, and on the other hand the biggest French star in 2024. You make a bridge between both seem smart to me” That’s what it says.



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