La Grande Wadrouille is starting soon: vote for the duo of influencers who will travel through Wallonia this summer!

VISITWallonia, RTL and SudInfo have joined forces to create the summer 2024 tourist event in Wallonia: La Grande Wadrouille!

Among 120 candidate pairs, only nine pairs qualified for “Objectif La Grande Wadrouille”. For several weeks, you have been able to follow the Wadrouilleurs events in competition. It is now time to choose the duo who will live this adventure all summer in Wallonia. Choose the two future influencers of Wallonia (information on voting at the bottom of the article):

Alexandra and Geraldine

These two influencer friends, just in their thirties, both work in content creation and come from Brussels.

Bastien and Noah

These two brothers, very close friends, are from Rochefort. Bastien is a teacher while Noé is a student. Both are passionate about sport and the media, they have already worked as jobbers for the Han Caves domain.

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Christophe and Xavier

These twin brothers, aged 28, come from Berchem-Sainte-Agathe in the Brussels region. They have different careers: Xavier is a recruiter and Christophe is a firefighter. Passionate about sport and thrills, they also enjoy partying.

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Danny and Nathalie

This duo of friends comes from Boussu, in the Mons region. Nathalie is a dietetics teacher and Danny, who was once her student, is now a social worker.

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Hannah and Matthew

Hannah is Flemish, Matthieu is French-speaking, and they live in Uccle. They are impatient to explore Wallonia. Matthieu works in communications while Hannah works at FPS Health.

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Julia and Jeremy

This young married couple, from Ohey in the province of Namur, includes Julia who works for an insurance company, and Jérémy who is a physiotherapist.

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Laora and Theo

Laora, originally from Namur, and Théo, from Arlon, met at the University of Namur. They have just returned from a seven-month trip through Asia.

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Quentin and Alessia

This duo of friends, who share a passion for partying, come from Rebecq. Alessia is a trainer and Quentin works as a sales representative in the beer sector. Both are sports enthusiasts and enjoy thrills.

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Sébastien and Jonas

Friends since childhood and originally from Walloon Brabant, Jonas and Sébastien are great travelers. Jonas is a videographer while Sébastien is a specialized educator.

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To vote, it’s very simple! Meeting on the bel RTL website or scan the QR Code below. Voting begins this Wednesday, June 19 at 9 a.m. and ends on June 25 at midnight. The winners will be announced on Saturday June 29 at 5:45 p.m. on RTL tvi, RTL play and bel RTL.

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The Grande Wadrouille show will begin on Monday July 8 and will see the victorious duo set off to discover the tourist treasures of Wallonia for six weeks. Their mission? Film, photograph, record and share their experience through all our media, for a total and authentic immersion in the hidden riches of our beautiful region.

Find all the events of “Objectif La Grande Wadrouille” on RTL play

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