Kate Middleton reappears for the first time since the shock announcement of her cancer with a hidden message on her outfit that no one had noticed

A few months ago, Buckingham Palace announced Kate Middleton’s operation. Prince William’s wife was admitted to the London Clinic, a private hospital, to undergo “an abdominal operation”. But after a fortnight’s convalescence, the mother ultimately did not reappear. And this sudden disappearance had greatly worried the British. To the extent that many rumors about him had started to circulate.

It was finally on March 22, 2024 that Kate Middleton lifted the veil on her state of health. The 42-year-old woman had cancer and was going to undergo preventive chemotherapy, she explained in a short video posted on social networks.

Trooping the Color: Kate Middleton finally present despite illness

Once this terrible news was revealed, Kate Middleton chose to temporarily withdraw from media life. The daughter-in-law of King Charles III had also canceled her appearance at numerous events organized by royalty. Following this, various Anglo-Saxon tabloids announced the return of Kate Middleton from the fall of 2025. Information, however, nuanced by some close to the latter. “There is no timetable, and there is certainly no urgency. This will be when Catherine feels ready and when she has the green light from her medical team. But she will return to work 100%, there is no doubt”explained one of them in the columns of Vanity Fair.

But finally, a few days ago, the Princess of Wales chose to make a surprise but very notable return despite the surrounding festivities. Indeed, on Saturday June 15, 2024, the famous Trooping the Color took place under the amazed eyes of the British, but also of the royal family. Although Kate Middleton had notified her absence, she appeared alongside her husband and children. And the least we can say is that the pretty brunette really caused a sensation with the crowd.

Kate Middleton’s accessory that made all the difference during Trooping the Color

Beyond her natural charisma, Kate Middleton once again stood out with her outfit that was both simple and sophisticated. For the occasion, the latter wore a white dress decorated with black stripes in various places. In addition to this fantasy, the crowned head also took the liberty of adding a hat in the same tones. And if this accessory can clearly be interpreted as a style lesson from Kate Middleton, the reality is in fact quite different. Indeed, according to body language expert Judi James, this hat would simply be “a subtle homage to King Charles”. But not only.

Despite the enthusiasm of the British, this appearance does not mark the official return of the Princess of Wales to the forefront. This is why she chose to wear a headgear. “There was a hint of discretion or perhaps a desire not to fly ahead in the way the brim of Kate’s hat was tilted to partially hide her face in the car. His gesture toward the crown involved closed rather than spread fingers. And it was a quick and subtle movement of recognition. Suggesting once again a desire to avoid stealing attention during the celebration of the king’s birthday. »indicates the specialist.

photo credit: James Veysey/Shutterstock Kate Middleton during Trooping The Color 2024

Like Kate Middleton, Queen Camilla paid tribute to her husband and the United Kingdom

Kate Middleton isn’t the only member of the British royal family to get noticed. Queen Consort Camilla also shone thanks to her carefully prepared outfit. While the wife of Charles III has never hidden her penchant for blue, she made a departure for this 2024 edition of Trooping the Color by opting for a very light outfit.

photo credit: Shutterstock The entire royal family during Trooping the Color

Last year, Camilla Parker Bowles appeared all in red. Kate Middleton, for her part, chose a bright green. This time, the two women selected clothing in neutral shades.



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