Who is Claude, singer who brings up “Addition” and “La Pression”?

Who is Claude, singer who brings up “Addition” and “La Pression”?
Who is Claude, singer who brings up “Addition” and “La Pression”?

SPOTTED — His pop drenched in techno, his way of bolding the “r”s… The style of singer Claude pleased Eddy de Pretto, who “offered” him the opening acts of his concerts. The 25-year-old artist is preparing a first album and will be on tour this fall.

Claude is producing a first album, which he wanted to be “very personal, absolutely frank”.

Claude is producing a first album, which he wanted to be “very personal, absolutely frank”. Geray Mena

By Léa Bucci

Published on June 15, 2024 at 3:00 p.m.

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Claudius? A stage name, which is not his, but which suits this mustachioed 25-year-old with thick glasses, both banal and singular. After Soon the night (2022), a first pop EP drenched in techno, then a stint at Chantier des Francofolies, he drops the mask of his strange character at the start of 2024 in the piece Addition : “But what’s bigger/I’m at my maximum.” » Proof that no: Eddy de Pretto knights him and offers him his first games. The opportunity to break in a first album expected for the fall, which Claude wanted “very personal, absolutely frank”.


His parents raised him away from screens, encouraging him instead to develop his artistic culture. Should we see in his work the influence of a father fond of classical music? In the “r” that the grasseye artist, that of his mother, who listened to the song? Not really. He rejects their records and music theory lessons; built his discography on the Web, passionate about acid techno – a derivative of house born in the United States in the 1980s. Having become Parisian during his business studies, the Ile-de-France native was caught up in music: “The life I was moving towards could have been dangerous for me, because I can quickly slip into a too fixed daily life. »

Particular signs

In Latin, the etymology of Claudius means ” lame “. Like the hero of Nausea, by Jean-Paul Sartre – one of his rare readings, “inevitably striking” –, he sometimes questions himself to the point of losing his footing. “Too much stimulation/Who’s pushing all the buttons?” » he sings in the single Pressure. Learning about sexuality, hypochondria, mourning: the album, written in isolation in the Vosges, is based on “confession” of his many anxieties. “A loss of control” that he doesn’t allow himself in real life. He entrusted the arrangements to Alexis Delong, composer of Zaho de Sagazan. In the latter’s modular synthesizers, sounds transform and crash: “That’s what makes music come alive. »


The public still doesn’t know it, but Claude knows how to dance. When he was younger, he practiced hip-hop for around ten years. For his tour, he aspires to transform his sketch of movement into an uninhibited bodily expression. Two musicians will accompany him: “Alone on stage, I have the fear of making a fool of myself. When there are people with me, I have fun with them! » Against his tendency to self-denigrate, “a way to protect yourself from criticism”, he noted the advice of Eddy de Pretto: embrace your talent.

In concert on October 23 in Toulouse, 24 in Bordeaux, 26 in Rouen, November 18 at La Cigale in Paris, 22 in Dijon, 23 in Annecy and December 14 in Montpellier.



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