“She died in…”, Julien Clerc makes a moving revelation about her last breath

He has always been very close to Françoise Hardy. Julien Clerc was one of the relatives who surrounded the singer who died on Tuesday June 11, 2024 at the age of 80. For our colleagues from Paris Match, the artist returned to his exceptional relationship with Thomas Dutronc’s mother. And until the end of his life, the performer wrote texts to his friend. “I took the liberty of sending her some music a few months ago, to see if the great author that she is ever wanted to write a text on it”, he explains. Moreover, Françoise Hardy was harsh with the singer: “She told me she found it rubbish”he confides, laughing.

Julien Clerc confides in the last moments of Françoise Hardy’s life

Julien Clerc learned of the death of his friend through their joint press officer at Virgin. “When Marco called me to tell me that she had left, he told me that she had passed away to music.” confides the singer. “And I found it very touching that in her last moments, she was accompanied by what was the driving force of her extraordinary life.” Among the personalities who watched over Françoise Hardy until her last breath, there was Etienne Daho. On Instagram, the singer wanted to look back on the last hours of life of the eternal love of Jacques Dutronc. “When we watched you late last night, you were beautiful and peaceful. Our sorrow (…)

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