Squeezie launches a political message to his fans 2 weeks before a crucial deadline

The earthquake for Squeezie on YouTube…

Squeezie is no longer the leading YouTuber in France. With more than 18.9 million subscribers, sports content creator Tibo InShape becomes the leading YouTuber in France, surpassing Cyprien and Squeezie.

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By Sudinfo with AFP

Published on 05/26/2024 at 10:49

Tibo Inshape, whose real name is Thibaud Delapart, has 19,000 more subscribers than Squeezie, dethroning the latter and making him the most popular YouTuber in France. The fitness influencer shares his sports advice, his training videos, but also his meetings or his “immersion” reports to introduce people to jobs or places.

“This great adventure began in 2008, the year I enthusiastically began bodybuilding. During an end-of-study internship in the United States, I discovered the world of fitness, and in particular gyms open 24/7,” he explains on his online sales site. . “On my return, I decided to share my experience on bodybuilding with my friends” and “to simply put my advice and exercises online on YouTube videos”.

Today, Tibo Inshape has some 11.5 million subscribers on Tik-Tok and 9.1 million on Instagram. Squeezie, for his part, made his comeback on May 18 after a break in his career as a YouTuber. Unfortunately, he was unable to gain a sufficient number of followers to maintain his position as the number one YouTuber in France.


The influencer collects controversies and has several times been at the heart of controversies. Some Internet users accuse him of racism and homophobia.

Recently, in 2022, he published a video talking about depression. His violent remarks caused an uproar on social networks, sparking indignation in his community. He ended up apologizing in a video posted to his Instagram account.



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