EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Julia Vignali geolocates her 17 and a half year old son, Luigi: “With his consent of course”

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Julia Vignali geolocates her 17 and a half year old son, Luigi: “With his consent of course”
EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW Julia Vignali geolocates her 17 and a half year old son, Luigi: “With his consent of course”

Last month, Julia Vignali decided to become the godmother of an association like no other. Leozan was created to help Léon, a sick child that Julia met during the last Telethon. However, between the host, who has just gone through a complicated ordeal with her husband Kad Merad, and the little boy, the current has passed to the point that she could not see herself remaining without news of him, nor leaving him alone in his fight. Especially since he needs help. Léon is affected by giant axon disease, a serious degenerative pathology for which there is currently no treatment. But research is moving forward. At Inserm in Lyon, Pascale Bomont’s teams are hopeful of curing Léon. However, they need resources, but also to identify other children who suffer from the same disease in order to be able to proceed to clinical tests (To help Léon via the Léozan association). After explaining to us the reasons for her commitment, the former presenter of Kindergartens spoke about what this fight meant for her, who is also the mother of a teenager.

How is the mother that you are going through this ordeal?
There is always a projective side. Once you are a mother, each child is a little bit yours. This is why you have trouble watching films where children are harmed. I believe this is very common. We are all afraid that this will happen to us. We know very well that life does not protect us from these very unpleasant surprises. When it concerns our children it’s unbearable, but when it concerns other people’s children too.

What mother are you with Luigi, your son?
An upset mother hen. If I listened to myself, I would live with my son until the end of my days. But as I have read a lot of psychology or psychoanalysis books and as I have led the KindergartensI know only too well that it is the opposite that must be done. We raise our children to see them and let them go. So that they can be independent and leave us happily, without worrying about us.

Has Luigi left your home?
Oh almost, at 17 and a half, he’s living his life. We still agreed that I could geolocate him, with his agreement of course. So I can know where he is. There, normally, he must be in Paris with his father. (While we are on the return train between Lyon and Paris, Julia opens her app. And confirms.) Yes, phew, there you go, he’s at his father’s house. Everything is fine. I promise, in 6 months, when he turns 18, I will stop.

Julia Vignali: “I was not harassed but…”

Do you defend other causes?

The fight against school bullying – which well-known stars have experienced – has been close to my heart for a very long time. This scourge is unfortunately only growing, particularly because of social networks which have become places of psychological violence: it’s awful. When we see how we, adults, sometimes have difficulty getting out of situations with a boss or a colleague who is a little heavy, when we see to what extent it can hurt us, disturb us and we imagine little ones of 10 or 11 year olds who are forced to go to school with fear in their stomachs. How do we manage this? And there are so many cases that exist. We can be annoyed because we are redheads, because we are fat, because we are black, because we are homosexual, but also because we are too pretty or too intelligent. In this case, jealousy turns into harassment. When this is repeated, amplified by the pack phenomenon, the child experiences an ordeal. These signals should alert parents. As are school dropouts. You have to be hyper vigilant. As for screens, in my opinion, at 10 years old, a child should not sleep with his phone in his room. When we were little, we could be bored during the day, but it stopped in the evening when we got home. For these kids, it never ends!

Have you been harassed?

At the time, I didn’t put that word on what was happening to me, but yes, I experienced not being very popular at school, being jealous. I didn’t suffer from it like the children I met but I am sensitive to that. The injustices or attacks suffered by isolated or weak people are unbearable to me and push me to act. I like to defend others. I think I would have loved to be a lawyer.



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