this incredible villa in the South of France which still links her to Johnny Depp

this incredible villa in the South of France which still links her to Johnny Depp
this incredible villa in the South of France which still links her to Johnny Depp

Memories of the past are sometimes difficult to leave behind, especially for Vanessa Paradis And
Johnny Depp. This emblematic duo of music and cinema shared a family life in a sumptuous property in Plan de la Tour, near
Saint Tropezuntil their separation in 2012. Despite their divergent paths today, the sale of their common estate remains a challengea house steeped in an era where love and fame were intertwined in their daily lives.

With Vanessa and the children, we live in a sort of small village, it’s like heaven. The estate is 121,000 square meters and you know what I do there? Absolutely nothing ! “, confided the star of Pirates of the Caribbean to the magazine VSD in 2009. During the health crisis of 2020, Johnny Depp retreated to this vast property, finding refuge and serenity there. This remarkable residence includes a main house, six guest housesa chapel, and even a private restaurant called “
At Marceline’s ”, as well as an art studio

An exceptional villa acquired by Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

Equipped with 15 luxurious rooms and 14 bathrooms, it also offers two swimming pools, a skate parka gym and a wine cellar, making it an exceptional place, according to the specialized site Despite several unsuccessful attempts by Johnny Depp to sell their luxurious villa between 2015 and 2016, the emblematic ex-couple is struggling to find
potential buyers. In 2021, after significantly lowering the initial price of $55.5 million (around €51 million), Vanessa Paradis, now sole owner, set the price at 23 million euros for this prestigious residence.

According to the magazine Audiencethe fifty-year-old would have even reduced the sale price of the property again, this time to
13 million euros. This place was the privileged witness to the love between Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, who formed a legendary couple from 1998 to 2012. Despite their separation, the two actors maintain friendly and respectful relationshipswithout ever uttering a derogatory word towards each other.

A villa that witnessed the love of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis

The one who was involved in a highly publicized trial with Amber Heard also remembered his thunderbolt for the mother of his children in an interview given to Paris Match. “
I saw his back twenty meters from me. I was hypnotized. When that back turned, I saw his face. She came directly in front of me, she said good evening to me and I knew it was the woman of my life ».

For almost thirty years, Vanessa Paradis
also clings to her Parisian apartment, a refuge that she refuses to leave. In an interview for Harper’s Bazaarthe icon of French song indicated that his loft located in the Marais district East ”
Perfect ». This cocoon, where she has resided for decades, embodies for her much more than a simple place to live: it is a sanctuary where she finds comfort and inspirationanchored in the heart of the French capital.

Vanessa Paradis, deeply attached to Paris

I live in this apartment since I was 22and I don’t leave it because it is perfect for me: it is hidden,
bathed in light, and even when I’m there alone, I’m never afraid. »
, said Vanessa Paradis. The star, who has amassed a flirtatious fortune thanks to his successes in cinema, music and his collaborations with prestigious brands like Chanel, also confided:
It is also the first and the single apartment that I bought myself. »

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Vanessa Paradis, attached to Paris

Despite her numerous travels, Vanessa Paradis remains deeply
attached to Paris. And even though I’ve spent a lot of time in Los Angeles over the last few years, I’ve always felt really at home in Paris. » This love is not new, as she shared in the columns of the magazine: Although I grew up in the suburbs until I was 16, I always
Parisian feeling. »



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