“I loved representing my peers and I hated it deeply” – Sophie Prégent

“I loved representing my peers and I hated it deeply” – Sophie Prégent
“I loved representing my peers and I hated it deeply” – Sophie Prégent

Invited to Sweety salty Wednesday evening, Sophie Prégent admitted to Mélanie Maynard that she had hated several aspects of her role as president of the Union of Artists (UDA), which she held for about 10 years, although she remains proud of her accomplishments.

“I entered the Union of Artists a little through the back door, through the negotiation tables: “Would you like to negotiate them”, “It would help us to be experienced, you will be able to tell us how it goes”; “perfect, I’m going.” One, I didn’t hate it, and two, I managed to navigate through it. It was the people who told me: “You would make a good president,” she told Mélanie Maynard.


The actress, who was elected head of the UDA in October 2013, confided that she would never have had the idea of ​​embarking on this adventure on her own, considering herself to be more self-effacing by nature, “ beige”.

“I loved representing my peers, then I hated it to my core. Then you know, out of 13,500 members, we are not homogeneous… it’s hard,” she said, adding, however, that she felt great pride in having contributed to the growth of diversity within the screen, not without bruising a few egos in the process.

“When you take away someone’s privilege, they react. It was very human,” said the actress, whose future in the series Alerts remains uncertain.

“You are over-represented in our media and there we are trying to find a balance, but it sure hurts, it crushes someone. It’s certain that by taking a public position and then saying that, it makes things happen,” she added, recognizing that there was a before and after her mandate at the head of the UDA .

Socially involved and loving going to the front to defend her convictions, Sophie Prégent does not close the door to politics, but does not leave it open “to anything,” she told Mélanie Maynard.

Autistic, the beginning

The new series Autistic, the beginningt, which follows the series Autistic, soon to be an adult And Autistic, love and friendships will be presented on TVA, starting Thursday evening. This new season will focus on the moment when parents received their child’s autism diagnosis.

The show Sweety salty is broadcast weekdays at 6:30 p.m. on TVA and can be replayed at any time on TVA+.



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