the physical evolution of Courteney Cox, almost 60 years old

the physical evolution of Courteney Cox, almost 60 years old
the physical evolution of Courteney Cox, almost 60 years old

By Justine Feutry

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Courteney Cox celebrates her 60th birthday this June 15. (Here on February 28, 2022.)
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The actress of Friends will celebrate its 60th birthday this June 15. The opportunity to look back on the metamorphoses of the one who took on then regretted her numerous injections.

The 1980s generation may remember his appearance alongside Dolph Lundgren in the B-movie The Masters of the Universe (Gary Goddard, 1987) where she fell into the fantastic world of He-Man. But for the rest of the world, Courteney Cox will remain Monica Geller, one of the heroines of Friends . And neither the saga Scream on the big screen, nor his series Cougartown will not have changed anything.

Courteney Fox’s physical evolution

But it was also his physical evolution that left its mark. Because Courteney Cox is one of those who gave in to the sirens of injections and Botox. To the point of almost becoming an addiction. In 2019, she confided to the magazine People “having had difficulty accepting aging”: aesthetic medicine then established itself because it was not not satisfied with what she looked like. Of the whole gang of Friendsit is ultimately the one who will perhaps have changed the most even though she wanted quite the opposite.

In 2017, she told the Glassangeles podcast that these injections are even her “biggest beauty regret”: “There is so much pressure in this industry to look young that, when you start, it causes a domino effect and you end up always do more. » Before adding: “To the rest of the world, your face changes in obvious ways, but from your point of view – because you only undergo one procedure at a time – you don’t realize it,” she continues. . “It was a huge waste of time and I wish I hadn’t given in to the pressure to resort to it,” she adds.

In 2017, she also explained to the media New Beauty : “What would you think if a doctor said, ‘You look great, but a few injections here would help a little.’ […] When you leave the clinic the result is natural and no one notices it so it’s great […] Then I multiplied and multiplied the modifications. We don’t notice anything because it’s gradual.” The actress also says that it was thanks to those close to her that she became aware of the extent of the problem. “I have a friend who said to me, ‘Whoa, stop’.

Courteney Cox therefore finally decided to reverse course in 2017. “Fortunately, we were able to remove almost everything.” Before concluding with humor: “Now, I’m just old.”

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