Carla Bruni looks back on her fight against breast cancer

Carla Bruni looks back on her fight against breast cancer
Carla Bruni looks back on her fight against breast cancer

Carla Bruni at the Yves Saint Laurent spring-summer 2024 show (Paris, September 26, 2023).
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In an interview given to Vanity Fairthe former model confided that she was still undergoing treatment for her breast cancer, diagnosed in 2019.

In 2019, Carla Bruni was diagnosed with breast cancer. The result was five long years of fighting against the disease, punctuated by surgeries, radiotherapy and hormonal therapy. A fight that the former first lady of France is still waging. During an interview with the magazine Vanity Fair and published Wednesday, May 29, the 56-year-old singer confided that she was “not in remission at all.”

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A daily fight

Asked about the disease, Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife returned, philosophically, to the beginnings of her diagnosis: “Cancer opens new doors. We can still hear the bullets whizzing past his ear! And after the initial shock has passed, it’s practically invigorating, even if it’s painful, worrying and distressing. This is the case in relation to the medications that I have to take, given that I am not at all in remission,” revealed the artist.

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Carla Bruni then addresses the treatment she takes on a daily basis, an anti-estrogen medication, tamoxifen: “The first two years, I kept telling myself: this medication is hard. And one day I spoke to a hairdresser friend. He asked me why I wasn’t having lunch. But Tamoxifen causes weight gain, which I have never experienced, hence the idea of ​​reducing my number of meals,” confided the singer before adding, “this friend told me : deep down, you should thank this medicine. Since then, I have blessed Tamoxifen every morning. I say to myself: what a wonder, I have this medicine! I have a little girl of 12 years old: I want to be able to see her big, big…”.

To raise awareness

It is in 2023, at the dawn of Pink October – the annual breast cancer awareness campaign – that Carla Bruni reveals her story to the general public on Instagram. A decision driven by the desire to encourage women to get tested: “I made a post because I told myself that it was practically impossible for at least one woman to see this post and not don’t go get a mammogram,” confided the artist in Elsa Wolinski’s podcast, Come on, I dare! , broadcast in March. As a reminder, Santé Publique France invites women aged 50 to 74 to perform a screening mammogram every two years, supplemented by a clinical breast examination.



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