Vogue disappoints Internet users by putting Gigi Hadid on the cover

Vogue disappoints Internet users by putting Gigi Hadid on the cover
Vogue disappoints Internet users by putting Gigi Hadid on the cover

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Model Gigi Hadid features in the magazine’s June-July issue Vogue France, dedicated to sport and fashion. (Gigi Hadid at the Met Gala. New York, May 6, 2024.)
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The magazine chose the model to embody its June-July issue, devoted to fashion from a sports perspective. On Instagram, some Internet users criticized this choice in the comments of the publication of the cover photo, posted on May 28.

Every year, the June-July double issue of the French magazine Vogue THE “summer issue» (summer issue, in French), is highly anticipated and scrutinized. Building on Olympic news, this year’s edition focuses on athletic elegance, linking fashion and sport, couture and training. To announce this number, Vogue France published a photo of the cover on Instagram. Under the title colored in blue-white-red, the model Gigi Hadid strikes a gymnast’s pose, in front of a powder-coated beam where athletes are practicing. She wears a black Balmain ensemble, topped with Nike accessories and, above all, high heels by Jacquemus. So many choices which seem to have disappointed Internet users, who gave their opinion in the comments.

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Athlete representation

“But why Gigi? You couldn’t find a pretty athlete?”, “Why waste a historic moment of putting Olympic athletes in the spotlight?”, “Some women worked their whole lives to get to the Olympics”, “Simone Biles and Sunisa Lee exist and you chose Gigi?”, the comments are pouring out and criticizing. If the incarnation of the sport-fashion duality (subject of the issue) in the choice to feature one of the most famous models on the planet in sportswear is identifiable, users deplore a missed opportunity to highlight athletes women, already invisible in the world of sport.

Even if it means not choosing a high-level sportswoman, why not at least opt ​​for a French model, since Paris is hosting the Games?, say the followers from French Vogue. However, some Internet users defend the choice of this cover, arguing that it is above all a fashion magazine. Other subscribers accuse the disgruntled of judging Gigi Hadid based on her political status. The daughter of Palestinian Mohammed Hadid has been criticized for her recent silence about the ongoing massacres in the Gaza Strip, in comparison to the long-standing political involvement of her sister, Bella Hadid. For his part, Vogue informs us that the coverage is part of a broader context, that of the “Vogue World: Paris” event, which will be held on June 23 at Place Vendôme.

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The magazine also published a video on its Instagram account directed by Bardia Zeinali. In the same setting, Gigi Hadid walks in heels on a floor and pretends to stretch, before being led by a trainer, who is none other than Olivier Rousteing, artistic director of Balmain. In the comments, the observation is the same. The only difference is that real athletes train with the model, providing a better understanding of the desired fashion-sport alliance.



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