Inès Reg: her new project with TF1 canceled at the last minute? “We don’t know if…”

Inès Reg: her new project with TF1 canceled at the last minute? “We don’t know if…”
Inès Reg: her new project with TF1 canceled at the last minute? “We don’t know if…”

Inès Reg has been on all fronts since the start of the year! She made it to the final of Dancing with the Stars 2024but unfortunately, his participation in the famous TF1 dance competition was more marked by his huge clash with Natasha St-Pier than by his (beautiful) performances on the floor.

At the end of this controversial season, she continued with her new role as an investigator in Mask Singer 2024but his first appearances on the jury did not convince viewers.

“The filming is canceled”

According to newspaper information The unionthe comedian was soon to continue her collaboration on TF1 by being the heroine of a TV film entitled Teen but not too much, filming of which should have started in the coming days in Reims. But unfortunately, everything was canceled at the last minute, despite the fact that 200 extras were already being cast.

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For now, filming is canceled. We don’t know if it is postponed or permanently abandoned. We did not receive an explanation“, explained a member of the team in the newspaper published on May 28.

The cancellation of this TV film is a big blow for Inès Reg since, again according to L’Union, it was to deal with harassment. A subject that particularly affects the comedian who was a victim for several years.

A subject that particularly affects Inès Reg

I was bullied from elementary school because of my small size. Until 5th grade, I had very bad memories, however, that’s when we started to build ourselves (…) I dream of a school without violence (…) At the At the time, we didn’t put words to it (…) I remember a time when we didn’t wear a brand, when we didn’t have our hair done properly, etc. we were the laughing stock of the whole school (…) We never forget“, she explained in the documentary At a good schoolbroadcast on Canal+, in 2021.

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When I was at school, there was a girl who was popular (…) sometimes, I was her friend so I had great days and then other days, she decided that I was no longer his girlfriend. Suddenly everyone laughed. It was very hard. It was this girl who managed whether I was happy or not (…) There was a period when it was really hard, people made fun of me all the time. The worst is when, in silence, someone throws the joke at you: the one that stings, that hurts, and everyone laughs except you. You want to die (…) I have so many memories of me alone in the playground, walking and waiting for time to pass so I can find my family“, she added.

We hope that the filming of the TV film is only postponed, and not permanently canceled…



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