At 58, Julien Courbet’s heartfelt cry to the French: “Boycott everything that…

At 58, Julien Courbet’s heartfelt cry to the French: “Boycott everything that…
At 58, Julien Courbet’s heartfelt cry to the French: “Boycott everything that…

As he returns to our screens with a new episode of the magazine “Scams! », Julien Courbet remains one of the most engaged personalities on social networks. The host-producer, known for his sincerity and outspokenness, does not hesitate to send powerful messages to the French to raise awareness of causes that are close to his heart.

A committed voice even during the holidays

Even during the summer holidays, Julien Courbet never stays far from his commitments. After taking advantage of the month of July to rest and recharge his batteries, he is ready to resume his broadcasts on M6 and RTL. At 58, Courbet continues to leave his mark on the French audiovisual landscape. His popularity and commitment make him a key figure in the PAF, and his audience continues to grow.

A new resounding cry from the heart

In addition to his television career and his role as a host close to viewers, Julien Courbet stands out for his commitment to the animal cause. Sponsor of the “Animaux sans Foyer” association, he actively campaigns against all forms of animal abuse. This fight led him to take a stand on numerous subjects, ranging from industrial breeding to violence against animals, including their exploitation for various purposes.

Committed to the animal cause

Recently, Courbet reacted to international news, calling on the French to take a strong action: a boycott. His message, shared widely on social networks, was clear and unambiguous: “Don’t give up,” he urged, inviting everyone to take a stand against the injustices inflicted on animals. This cry from the heart reflects his unwavering commitment to a cause that he defends with passion and determination.

A call to action

Julien Courbet encourages the French to boycott anything that contributes to animal suffering. His call is not a simple immediate reaction, but an invitation to reflect and act for a more ethical world. By adopting responsible consumption behaviors, everyone can help fight against unacceptable practices in the treatment of animals.

A personal transformation

Courbet’s commitment goes beyond words. He also tries to transform his own way of life, setting an example through concrete actions. This personal approach reinforces the credibility of his messages and inspires many French people to follow his example.


Julien Courbet, through his public positions and his personal commitment, recalls the importance of solidarity and collective action to defend just causes. His call to boycott products and services harmful to animals is a cry from the heart that resonates strongly in the French media landscape. By raising awareness and mobilizing, he hopes to see the rise of collective awareness for a world more respectful of living beings.

To find out more about his actions and the causes he supports, do not hesitate to follow his interventions on social networks and to obtain information from recognized associations such as “Animaux sans Foyer”.



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